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The City & Guilds 3667 is the UK’s industry standard qualification in fibre optics. The 3667 fibre units, and the older 3666 and 3466 equivalent, is recognised as such by the FIA (Fibre-optics Industry Association) and forms the foundation of the FIA qualification scheme.The 3667 scheme is approved by the UK Qualifications and Curriculum Authority (QCA), to give successful candidates a level 2 award (GSCE A-C equivalent).measuring cablesThe course content has been updated in consultation with the UK fibre optics industry to ensure that the course syllabus is both relevant and up-to-date, reflecting the latest industry standards & codes of practice. Indeed the Fibreoptic Industry Association (FIA) has approved the City and Guilds 3667 scheme as the cornerstone practical skills qualification for people wishing to enter the fibre optics industry in UK.The 3667 award is recognised internationally wherever the UK and European standards for cable installation are used. This includes UK, the rest of Europe, Australia, India, most of the Far East and Africa. Only the USA use a different set of standards.

The 3667 qualification scheme:

The new scheme consists of 4 units which can be taken independently. Successful candidates will be awarded a certificate of unit credit for each completed unit. To achieve the full 3667 Certificate, unit 1 and any one of units 2, 3 and 4 must be taken.

3667 Unit 1: Basic Principles of Communication Systems: Safe working practices, SI units, dB and symbols, communication systems and datacommunication. Theory only, no practical skills content. Assessment by invigilated online exam.

3667 Unit 2: Internal Fibre Optic Cabling: Optical fibre basics, safe working practices, SI units, dB and symbols, fibre optic cables, ODFs and equipment, fibre preparation, fitting connectors, splicing, internal installation procedures and testing. Covers both theory and hands-on training. Assessments include practical skills and an online exam.

3667 Unit 3: External Fibre Optic Cabling: Optical fibre basics, safe working practices, SI units, dB and symbols, fibre optic cables, enclosures and components, fibre preparation, splicing and completion of enclosures, external installation procedures, optical components and testing. Covers both theory and hands-on training. Assessments include practical skills and an online exam.

3667 Unit 4: Internal Copper Cabling Cabling: Basic electric theory and datacoms principles, safe working practices, SI units, dB and symbols, standards and structured cabling, copper cables and components, termination, installation procedures and copper network cable testing. Covers both theory and hands-on training. Assessments include practical skills and an online exam.

Practical Details:

The 3667 courses are available both as company events on your site, and as public scheduled courses open to individual bookings.

We run the public 3667 courses in two locations:
Lucid Training Centre in Garsdale is about 15 min from M6 J37, convenient for North of England and Scotland
Crawley near Gatwick Airport: Convenient for London and the South

We take max 6 delegates on public courses, and supply at least 3 modern fusion splicers, 3 OTDRs and 3 complete sets of handtools for a full course of three pairs of trainees, so there will be plenty of time for the trainer to help everyone, and no waiting for equipment.

The assessments consists of a practical skills test, where the trainer watch you carry out a number of tasks correctly, and a theory test that you take on a PC or laptop under exam conditions.

Who should attend:

  • Installation technicians and supervisors who will be installing
    telecoms, CATV, CCTV, fibre optic or copper datacoms systems
  • Managers, engineers, planners and sales staff who require an introduction to theoretical and practical aspects of fibre optics or copper communications cabling
  • Test engineers who will be required to perform communications
    system characterisation or acceptance testing
  • Maintenance staff who will be required to perform routine
    maintenance or emergency fault finding and repair.

3667 course formats and unit combinations

We schedule our public courses in the following formats, as these are by far the most popular with trainees:

5-day Combined C&G 3667 Unit 2 Internal and Unit 3 External Fibre: there is quite a lot of overlap between the two fibre units, so we can cover both units in just 4 days, rather than as two separate 4-day courses. Since most delegates find that both units are useful to them, taking the combined course saves both time and money. You will be awarded a Certificate of Unit Credit for each unit.

5-day Single unit C&G 3667 Unit 2 Internal OR Unit 3 External Fibre: For the few delegates who only require one of the units, we offer a special deal whereby they join a 5-day public combined course, but only take the assessments for one of the units. This allows us to offer a reasonable choice of dates.

Alternatively, we can run either Unit 2 or Unit 3 as a 4-day event on your site for a group of 6 delegates.

4-day C&G Unit 4 Internal Copper Cabling: There is little overlap between this and the two fibre units 2 & 3. Hence we run this as a separate 4-day course. You will be awarded a Certificate of Unit Credit for unit 4.

City & Guilds 3667 Unit 1:  Most of the material covered in unit 1 is covered in units 2, 3 and 4. Hence, for candidates who also taken units 2, 3 or 4, we can offer an abbreviated version of unit 1, consisting of home study + 1/2-day
course review and online exam. Please note, however, that bookings need to be finalised at least two weeks in advance to allow time to receive the manual and complete the home study

Why Chose Lucid for your City & Guilds 3667?

We believe we offer the highest quality of training and the best support, but don’t just listen to us, click on this link for the views of the experts who inspect us and our training from City and Guilds. These are the independent people who can tell you about training centres, and very few training centres are prepared to publish their comments as we do.

When comparing pricing please ensure that the cost quoted to you includes everything you expect. We have come across some training providers offering City and Guilds 3667 training courses and then asking for more money if you want to be enrolled to gain the qualification itself. We believe this is sharp practice to make the course look good value, but technically they have only promised you the City and Guilds 3667 training and not the enrolment, assessments and certificates.

Awards after the City & Guilds 3667 Qualification

Following your City and Guilds 3666 qualification Lucid can offer you a range of more advanced qualification in the testing or design and planning of fibre optic and copper communications networks. Wherever possible we provide recognised qualifications from licensed awarding bodies. These are not just our own certificates, although we do find that our own course attendance certificates are well recognised and respected within the industry too.

The City & Guilds 3666 scheme

The “3667-02 qualification in communications cabling” took over from the 3666 qualification in August 2010.

I have already done a unit of 3666 can I do further units and complete it?

No. The option to take further 3666 units ended August 2012, two years after new enrolments for 3666 qualification ended – enrolments on City & Guilds schemes generally remain valid for 2 years, after which you have to re-enrol to take further units.

Can I upgrade my 3666 or 3466 to the 3667?

Yes you can. City & Guilds do not offer any specific conversion or upgrades of the 3666 units to the equivalent 3667 ones. But, if you did your previous 3666 qualification with Lucid, we will still have the records of your practical assessments, so you would just need to sit the 3667 online test(s). This is because the City & Guilds qualifications are based on demonstrating an appropriate level of skill and understanding in a formal assessment. There is no requirement to attend any specific training sessions before the assessments, hence we would not require you to repeat the training.
If you would like to upgrade but did NOT do your 3666 units with Lucid,  – please contact us to discuss the options. We would not have any records of your previous practical assessments, so the situation is more complicated.

The reason for upgrading could be to ensure units count towards any future larger qualifications, where all units counting will need to be on the QCF (there may be exceptions, but this is not guaranteed).