Contact Us

Tel. from inside the UK: 01539 621219
Tel. from outside the UK: +44 1539 621219

Office Hours – new contacts

UK time: 9 am to 5 pm Monday to Friday
Outside hours: answerphone
If you would like to discuss anything with us outside office hours then we can arrange to be here to take your call. There is often somebody in the office outside normal working hours, and at weekends.

Out of hours technical support ?

Lucid trainees who may need or wish to contact us for support when working outside normal hours will be given an alternative phone number or a mobile phone number to try if there is no answer at the office. Mobile phones can be outside signal areas for short times (we are in the hills here) so please leave a message and number to get back to you if the phone is not answered immediately.

Postal Addresscable sub-duct

Lucid Optical Services Ltd.
Lucid Training Centre,
Cumbria LA10 5PE, UK.

If sending a CV, personal details or a job application please mark your envelope as “confidential” and address to the ‘HR Director’.


To fax us from in the UK: 01539 621205.

To fax us from outside the UK: +44 1539 621205

Telephone preference service

Our telephone and facsimile numbers are registered with the UK telephone preference service. We have a busy office and do not appreciate unsolicited calls that are not related to our work or industry. We prefer to spend our time helping trainees, and we welcome calls from people within the industry who wish to get to know us or show us new products that may be of use to our clients.