Advanced Courses

light in optical fibres“I think that modern physics has definitely decided in favour of Plato. In fact the smallest units of matter are not physical objects in the ordinary sense; they are forms, ideas which can be expressed unambiguously only in mathematical language.” – Werner Heisenberg

Our aim at Lucid is to express advanced or difficult concepts in clear and easily understood ways, and not necessarily in mathematical equations, but where possible in colourful images. We are proud that our experts are able to do this, and can also cover the mathematics if required.

Advanced Optical Fibre Testing

Our advanced testing courses covers the theory required to understand test results, not just to a pass/fail level, but to appreciate why a trace looks like it does and what could be causing a problem. Most of the courses also include a significant amount of hands-on practice setting up and using the equipment.

  • Advanced Fibre Characterisation Engineer, OA Certified (5 days)
  • Advanced OTDR Testing, OA certified (3 days)
  • OTDR Emulation S/W & Trace Analysis (1 day)
  • Advanced PMD & CD Testing, OA Certified (3 days)
  • PMD & CD measurement evaluation and interpretation (1 day)
  • Advanced OSA Measurements (1 day)
  • Advanced OTDR Measurements (2 days)
  • DWDM Systems & Testing (2 days)

Copper and Copper/Fibre Testing Courses

  • Test & Certification of Structured Cabling Systems
  • Campus LAN Cabling Testing (Copper & Fibre)
  • Telecoms D-side Copper Cable Testing (Level 3 Certificate) (3 days)

Advanced Fibre Optic Technology

These courses are designed for anyone who needs to keep up to date on the latest developments in fibre optic technology, networks design and components. Most of these courses are customised to some extent nearly every time we run them – this is partly because of the highly specialised nature of the courses, and partly because of the rapid rate of development at the forefront of fibre technology.

  • Advanced Fibre Optics (4 days)
  • CWDM & DWDM Systems & Technology (2 days)
  • Fibre Optics in Aerospace (2 days)
  • Polarisation Technology (2 days)
  • EDFA Amplifiers (1 day)
  • Raman Amplification (1 day)
  • Brillouin OTDRs & Optical Fibre Sensors
  • G.655 Fibre Networks (1 day)
  • Plastic Optical Fibres (1 day)


A series of introductory and advanced courses developed for laboratory based engineers and researchers in the photonics industry, but also suitable for managers and sales/marketing staff.

  • Practical Fibre Handling (1 day)
  • Photonics Components (1 day)
  • Photonics Applications (1 day)
  • Introduction to Dispersion Testing (1 day)
  • Optical Power & Loss Testing (1 day)
  • Optical Wavelength Measurements (1 day)
  • Advanced Photonics Component Testing (2 days)

Laser / LED / Lamp Safety

Our series of Laser Safety training courses fully covers the BS EN 60825-1(2001) Laser Safety Standard.
The courses are completely modular and can be run in sequence or as individual events. However, please note that for the advanced level courses, delegates should be familiar with the basic concepts of lasers and laser safety as taught in the Intro and Certificated courses.

  • Laser Safety (Level 2 Certificate) (2 days)
  • Laser Safety in Fibre Optics (1 day)
  • Introduction to Laser Safety, general (1 day)
  • Laser Safety Management & Implementation (1 day, requires intro course first)
  • Laser Safety Advanced Calculations (1 day, requires intro course first)
  • LED Safety Introduction (1 day)
  • LED Safety Advanced Calculations (1 day, requires intro course first)

We can also provide a combination 2-day course consisting of a 1-day “Introduction to Laser Safety” for 8 delegates, a 1/2 day session covering further topics and the exam for the level 2 Certificate for 2 delegates, and finally a 1/2 day session on Laser Safety procedures and implementation, again for just 2 delegates. This is a particularly popular format with companies where everyone needs the basic training, but only the Laser Safety Officer (LSO) and deputy LSO require the more in-dept training and coaching on setting up their own systems.