Medical & Cosmetic Laser/IPL Safety

Lucid provides a range of IPL & Laser Safety Services for medical, dental, cosmetic and tattoo removal professionals

IPL facial treatment

“Core of Knowledge” Laser & IPL Training Course

Lucid provides the standard “Core of Knowledge” Laser/IPL Safety training course suitable for all practitioners carrying out medical or cosmetic treatments using lasers or IPLs. For medical/cosmetic and dental clinics and hospitals registered with the Quality Care Commission (CQC) it is a requirement that that all staff involved in treating patients with laser or IPL devices have, as a minimum, attended a suitable laser and IPL safety Core of Knowledge training course. Further to this, staff should have regular refresher and update training.
Cosmetic and tattoo removal clinics which are not falling under the CQC, are regulated by their Local Authority. The requirements may differ depending on the LA, but in most cases will include suitable safety training for all staff members supervising or carrying out laser/IPL treatments, such as the Core of Knowledge course.

Lucid’s “Core of Knowledge” Laser/IPL Safety course is delivered as a 1/2-day course, usually running approx. 11.00am – 3.30pm). It is approved by the British Medical Laser Association (BMLA), as fulfilling the requirements for the Core of Knowledge required of Laser/IPL operators by the Medical Devices Agency and the Healthcare Commission.

Course Details:

The course covers the essentials of laser and intense pulsed light (IPL) safety. The approach taken is that by understanding the hazards and risks, treatment staff are engaged to fully consider the safety requirements for themselves and others, so that safety procedures are not disregarded or compromised during laser or IPL treatments. This approach helps to ensure that all treatments are delivered with appropriate safety precautions for the benefit of all involved.

To download a course programme, please click here.

Certification & Assessments

Delegates who attend the course receive a Lucid ‘Certificate of Attendance’.
The standard course includes an informal verbal assessment session, where the tutor ask questions to ensure everyone in the group has understood the important points. A written assessment is not a requirement of the BMLA “Core of Knowledge”, but can be provided if requested by a client. Where delegates take a written test, successful completion leads to a ‘Certificate of Competence’.

Certificated Staff

The advantages of assessing the achievement of staff in taking the Core of Knowledge training course is that the organisation can have confidence that the individual has understood the essential elements of laser and IPL safety that are required in order to work safely with these treatment devices. Although some staff become nervous at the prospect of their learning being assessed, most find the process rewarding in that passing the assessment demonstrates achievement. Further, as holders of a certificate in laser and IPL Core of Knowledge, the staff are further engaged to fully comply with laser and IPL safety requirements.

Online Courses?

Occasionally, customers ask if we can provide a course as online training. We appreciate that online training can be more flexible to fit in, and more and more is possible on the internet. BUT – if you ever have to prove that you have been trained, an online course is no good. You may be able to print a nice certificate afterwards, but this does not prove that it was you and not someone else who completed the course, and would not stand up in court or anywhere else.

Course dates and locations

Public Core of Knowledge courses open to individual bookings can be arranged “on demand”. It is our policy not to inconvenience anybody by cancelling or postponing courses once a booking has been confirmed. Hence we do not advertise an unrealistic number of dates. Instead, we will arrange a course at Lucid Training Centre at dates to suit, for as few as just two delegates.
Lucid Training Centre is located near Sedbergh, Cumbria – easily reached from the M6 and A1, and convenient for delegates from Manchester, Liverpool, Newcastle and the Leeds area.

We can also arrange to run courses for groups on your site (or a convenient location nearby), at an event price for up to 4 or 8 staff members. If you have 3 or more or more delegates, this may well work out cheaper. Please contact us if you would like to discuss this option, or to obtain pricing.

Laser Signs

All establishments using lasers need appropriate warning signs. Lucid has designed a reversible door sign which fulfils the requirements of CQC, Local Authorities and the BS EN 60825 Laser Safety Standard. Click here for more information and to buy online.

Further Laser/IPL Services

Establishments such as clinics or beauty salons using high power lasers or Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) devices come under a complex set of regulatory requirements. Lucid can help guide you through this complex labyrinth and provide the required services such as a the “Core of Knowledge” training course, standard templates for risk assessments, policies and procedures, and Laser Protection Adviser (LPA) services

Laser Protection Advisor

A Laser Protection Adviser is a qualified, certified, laser safety expert. The LPA is responsible for visiting the site and producing a set of Local Rules covering laser safety measures specific to each clinic treatment room and set of equipment being used. The LPA gives advice on safety matters and performs an annual site visit and safety audit.

Clinic registration with the CQC

This is no longer required for all cosmetic clinics, but may still be required for clinics offering medical treatments in addition to, or instead of, purely cosmetic laser or IPL treatments. It is also now a requirement for all dental clinics, whether or not they use lasers.

Clinic Registration with Local Authority

The local authorities in England have taken over responsibility for the registration and inspection of laser and IPL clinics which would previously have been required to register under the CQC. Unfortunately, this has lead to a lack of consistent requirements for registration. You will need to contact your local authority to check what their current requirements are.

Policies and Procedures

All clinics using laser and IPL based devices should have a set of policies and procedures to ensure they act appropriately in a range of circumstances. Such a set of policies and procedures is required for CQC registration, and many, if not all, will also be required by the local authorities. It is important that these policies and procedures are appropriate, fair and clear so that they help the clinic in a range of situations rather than being a burden.
Lucid can provide policies and procedures that are not only accepted by CQC inspectors, but regularly assisted clinics by being recognised as examples of excellence.