External Moderator Reviews

Open Awards / Open College Network (OCN) External Moderation

City and Guilds EV reports

As an Open Awards (previously OCN, Open College Network) assessment centre, we are also inspected annually by their External Verifier/Moderator. This is an expert appointed by Open Awards / OCN to check on all aspects of our training, assessment and quality systems. These comments are shown below.

The style of the reports generated is quite different from those of City and Guilds, and without an equivalent summary, hence we have had to take comments as they occur. Other requirements stated on the forms are just answered with a simple tick in a yes/no box, and these have not been reproduced below as we expect them to be of little use to the reader.

These are independent reports / comments by expert moderators, and similar in principle to the reports produced by organisations such as Ofsted to rate the provision provided by schools.

External Verification by Open Awards, 2020:

This year we had a new external verifier. As well as ticking all the right boxes, he included the following comment:

Your overall assessment of the centre.
Lucid Optical Services Limited is a specialist training company offering technical training courses in fibre optics, copper communications system cabling, laser and LED safety. Specialising in photonics has led to the development in advanced optical testing courses, laser safety training
courses, qualifications and software packages, plus advanced photonics technology (theory and practical) training courses. Lucid believe in accrediting the specialist courses that they deliver and in so use a number of awarding organisations Open Awards being one of them. Each course is
delivered by highly skilled and specialist trainers, who teach, monitor and manage the various courses accredited by Open Awards.
Good Practice / Key Strengths.
Highly skilled and experienced trainers and assessors
Robust and to date courses delivered to current industry standards
Sufficiently challenging assessment methods set at the correct level
Thorough IV and AIV system in place
Recommendations for further development.

External Verification by Open Awards, 2019:

As usual we only had ticks in the right boxes in the report, with no suggested/required improvements, so we have no comments to post .

External Moderation by Open Awards, 2016:

Again, we passed all sections of the verification with flying colours, but only evidenced by ticks in boxes and blank spaces in the boxes for suggested/required improvements, so we have no comments to post here.

External Moderation by Open Awards, 2014:

Comment from the verification visit: “I did not speak with any learners during this visit, however there were a variety of course evaluation and feedback forms available which had a good range of feedback. Generally the learners are very happy with the course and the materials provided. One or two asked that the course be system specific for their company.

We achieved ticks in all the right boxes for the rest of the verification criteria, so next verification will be remote.

External Moderation by Open Awards, 2013:

Again, we passed all sections of the verification with flying colours, but only evidenced by ticks in boxes and blank spaces in the boxes for suggested/required improvements, so we have no comments to post here.

External Moderation by Open Awards, 2012:

In January 2012 OCNNWR changed name to Open Awards. There was no change to the moderation procedure however, so following our external moderator visit in 2012 we again passed everything but have no comments to report.

External Moderation by OCNNWR and Open Awards, 2008-2011:

In June 2008 Lucid, along with the rest of the Cumbria OCN, transferred to OCNNWR (Open College Network North West Region). The report format used by the OCNNWR at external moderator visits is slightly different, with the emphasis more on checking our internal verification process. The standard moderation forms introduced by OCNNWR does not ask the moderator to comment in general on the centre’s training performance, only on areas where improvement is needed. We have had external moderator visits in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2011 and passed all sections with flying colours, but only evidenced by ticks in boxes and blank spaces in the boxes for suggested/required improvements, so we have no comments to post here.

External Moderators Comments, 2007:

” A tightly structured technical programme where assessments were criterion referenced. Objective, formal assessments & observation reports gave a secure base for outcome judgements. Well established formal programme of assessments supported the achievement of consistency and reliability.

The course materials were of a high standard. The administration of course documentation, and their distribution to tutors & learners, was efficient and effective.

The tutors appear to be well qualified for the delivery of the range of programmes.

Professional development needs were subjected to regular review and discussion.

Retention and achievement rates were very good (90 to 100%).

The Evaluation Sheets [learner course report forms] show a high level of learner satisfaction.

* Course evaluations showed a high level of satisfaction with the teaching, resourcing and content of the units.”

External Moderators Comments, 2006:

“Excellent learning resource manual, and use of specialist communications equipment.

For overseas students verbal instructions can be given to ensure all written instructions are understood. particularly in exams. For example groups from Malta and Algeria have been taught with very positive feedback.

Very helpful and professional staff at Lucid Optical Services. Posses Expert knowledge of subject matter covered, and have a wide range of resources available to them.”

External Moderators Comments, 2005:

“Very thorough programme delivery with highly professional staff.

Health and safety issues are seen as critical in this particular field and are fully enforced.

All resources for the delivery of this programme have been available at all times.

All tutors are fully aware of the assessment requirements of this unit, and have complied with the requirements totally. They have scheduled assessments in an orderly and constructive manner and have given informative feedback to the students.

The tutors on this programme are very good at getting the maximum from the students. In particular the way the assessments are scheduledensures the group progresses at a rate that does not disadvantage an individual whilst at the same time ensuring that all learning outcomes are met. Also inmformative feedback is given to the students after they complete any written assessments. This is an example of how to get the best from students who may not have taken any written examinations for many years, if at all.”