18th Edition Wiring Regulations


18th Edition IEE Wiring Regulations (BS7671) – City and Guilds 2382

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At Lucid we are a well-respected City and Guilds approved assessment centre. As a result we have agreed to offer some City and Guilds qualifications on an exam-only basis as a service to our clients. One such qualification is the City and Guilds 2382 award otherwise commonly known as the ’18th edition’ in reference to it being an examination of the candidates knowledge of the BS 7671:2018 18th Edition IEE Wiring Regulations.

The 18th Edition Exam-Only Option for City & Guilds 2382 qualification

At Lucid we are prepared to arrange the City and Guilds 2382 award 18th edition exam at times and dates to suit you and offer an ‘exam only’ option so you are not paying for training that you may not need. Reasons to choose us for your 18th edition exam are:

  • choose your own exam day (we schedule the exam on a day to suit you)
  • choose your own exam time
  • exams arranged at short notice (sometimes even next day)
  • low cost – see below for exam fees & information

Contact us to find out why candidates have come to us from all over the UK to sit their 18th edition exam at Lucid. This has proven popular with candidates from London and the South coast, despite the fact that our training centre is in the North of England. Some have brought wives or partners for a day out, whilst others have done a day-trip on the train. If you want to get the train to Garsdale station then we will often be able to pick you up at no additional cost (there is no taxi rank at Garsdale Station). From Oxenholme station in Kendal, our nearest mainline station, a taxi to us will be around £20 if you prebook.

Status of the 18th Edition IEE Wiring Regulations

The current 18th edition of the IEE wiring regulations was published on the 2nd July 2018.
From 1 January 2019 all new domestic, industrial and commercial wiring should
conform to these new regulations, as they are a national regulation
and not just an advisory standard.

The 18th edition book has a blue cover, replacing the yellow 3rd amendment to the 17th edition which came out January 2015.

For new trainees or aspiring electricians, the City and Guilds  qualification which demonstrates an adequate awareness and knowledge of the “IEE 17th Edition (BS 7671: 2018) Wiring Regulations” is still the City and Guilds 2382, just with an updated unit number for the 18th edition.

When the 17th Edition, and the City & Guilds 2382 qualification, first were launched, a 1-hour “upgrade” 2382 exam was available for candidates who already held the 16th edition qualification.  However, City & Guilds has not introduced a shorter “upgrade” exam for the 18th edition, so all candidates will have to take the full 2-hour 2382 exam, regardless of whether they already hold the previous 17th edition qualification.  This is not as much of an issue as it may seem; the cost of the 2-hour exam has always been the same as the 1-hour version, and people did find the 1-hour version harder, with more difficult questions focussing on some rather exotic differences between 16th and 17th edition.

18th Edition City & Guilds Award Examination

electrical installation testerThe Examination for the City and Guilds 2382 qualification is a 2 hour multiple choice test downloaded to a test PC at our training centre. It is an open book examination so candidates can take in their copy of the IEE 7671: 2018 18th Edition Wiring Regulations standard into the exam with them. Candidates may not receive help or assistance from other candidates, and mobile telephones must be turned off. The software that City & Guilds use for the tests is really very straightforward, but our staff are allowed to help candidates with the software if required.

The results of the examination are available within minutes of the candidate finishing the test, with a graphical representation of their results in the different topic areas also supplied with the result itself.

City and Guilds 2382 Examination Fees

Our current standard fee for the City and Guilds 2382 qualifications is:

City & Guilds 2382  ‘examination only’ qualification is £130 (VAT exempt).

Exams are arranged at times and dates to suit you – we are possibly the most flexible City & Guilds assessment centre. We can offer discounts for a number of candidates, or for candidates doing more qualifications or training with us at Lucid.

If you require the examination in the evening or at the weekend, this may be possible to arrange subject to availability of staff, but we may ask for a small uplift for out-of-hours exams as we may have to ensure staff are available to invigilate. Please call us for details.

Candidate Requirements for the 18th Edition Test

First of all, you will need a copy of the  IEE 7671: 2018 18th Edition Wiring Regulations standard for use during the exam. We strongly recommend getting both your copy of the 18th edition and also some practise questions well before the exam.

You will need to pay in full before we can confirm your booking. Once the booking is confirmed, we will not cancel due to lack of bookings, staff or anything else – in the last 10 years we have not once cancelled an exam, not even during a snowstorm when we had to dig out the entrance and the car park for a candidate.  The fee is non-refundable, but we can normally postpone the exam date at no additional cost if you have to cancel the original date.

When you book the exam, we will ask you for your date of birth, and your full name as you want it to appear on your certificate. We need these details in order to enrol you with City & Guilds, at least 24 hours before we can schedule your exam.

Before sitting either the standard 18th edition, City and Guilds 2382-12 test, City & Guilds also requires the candidate to present proof of identity. This is typically a passport, photo-driving license or similar photo ID, that you will need to bring with you to the test.

When do I get the result of my 18th Edition exam?

A few minutes after finishing your exam, the answers you have provided are marked by the City and Guilds computer system and the results are sent back to us over the internet. We will print out the result for your 18th edition electrical regs exam and give you a copy to keep. This is not the certificate, but it does mean that you can see if you have been successful.

How soon do I get my 18th Edition award certificate?

Once you have passed your 18th edition exam (City & Guilds 2382 qualification), the certificate will be generated by City and Guilds and sent to us. We normally receive the certificate within two or three weeks and will immediately post it to you. Post allowing, you should get your certificate within two to four weeks. Please remember that the post can be delayed due to seasonal pressures (Christmas post) or adverse weather.

What if I need the 18th edition award certificate for work?

If a new workplace is insisting you have the 18th edition award (City & Guilds 2382 qualification) before you start work, then they may want to see a City & Guilds certificate as evidence of this. We will get the certificate to you as quickly as we can, but once you have taken the exam with us we can issue you with a signed letter on our company letterhead to say you sat the exam at our centre and passed the exam, but the certificate may take a few weeks to arrive from City & Guilds. In the past this letter, from a respected City & Guilds examination centre, has been accepted by electrical contractors and their clients as evidence of success in advance of the official certificate being issued and arriving. Also, the new City & Guilds software allows us to print off a results sheet as soon as you complete the exam.


Trainer led 18th Edition Training Course + City & Guilds 2382 Qualification

If you are looking for a full 18th edition training course for the City
and Guilds 2382 qualification, then please contact us. This is a training course we run regularly for companies on their site, but only occasionally as a public course as we find that most individuals prefer to opt for the lower cost, much shorter ‘exam only’ option – see below for more details on our unique approach to the exam only option for the 2382 award.