Laser / IPL Door Sign

Lucid Laser / IPL Safety Door Signs

Doors to rooms in which laser / IPL treatments are being performed should display warning signs when lasers or IPL equipment are in use. Such signs should not be displayed when the equipment is not in use. We supply a suitable sign and optional holder which can be positioned at eye level on the door itself. This sign meets the requirements of the Healthcare Commission and national standards. The holder allows the sign to be simply reversed when not in use, thus keeping the sign in place for when it is next needed. The sign is a high quality rigid plastic sign of an approved and copyrighted design. The holder is a clear acrylic holder which can be attached to a door using sticky pads, hooks or screws.

Sign only £19.50 (ex. VAT) = £23.40 (incl VAT)

Laser/IPL door sign

Sign and holder £29.00 (ex. VAT) = £34.80 (incl VAT)

Laser/IPL sign and holder

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The picture below shows the sign with holder mounted on a door: