Public or Company Courses?

Public Courses

We regularly run public courses open for individual bookings at our training centre in Garsdale, at Crawley near Gatwick Airport and occasionally at other venues around the UK. A schedule of public courses for the next few months can be found here. Please contact us if the dates provided are not convenient for you, as we can sometimes add additional dates if required.

On-site & Group Courses

We are happy to provide courses on your site, at a fixed event price for a maximum of six or eight delegates depending on the course. We can also provide this type of course at our training centre or a convenient hotel or conference location if required.

Smaller Group ?

For smaller groups we are happy to arrange additional semi-public courses at mutually convenient dates. In this case we arrange a course for just two or three delegates from your organisation and then place additional individuals on the course if the dates suit them.

Public versus company course?

There are different advantages and disadvantages to arranging your staff on public training courses or company ‘event’ courses.

This is often an issue of “can a significant number of staff from a department all be released for training at the same time?”. If the answer is “yes” then this is probably the best solution since the event will save your organisation money, and can be better tailored to your needs or wishes.

Public courses can have the advantage of building contacts with other individuals in companies that might be of use to your organisation, and since they are not normally at your place of work there are likely to be fewer interruptions.


Training locations should provide the right atmosphere for you to relax and concentrate on the training, knowledge and skills imparted. This is often best achieved by being off-site and away from home.

Off-site training courses suffer much less from interruptions, delays and distractions. Being away from home for training might not suit everybody, but for most trainees it allows them to concentrate on the training – if you aren’t going home in the evening you don’t have to worry about what time it will be or whether you’ll have to start the decorating… We find trainees who stay in the same hotel, or meet in the evening for dinner, get more from the training as they help each other and discuss any areas for further clarification the next morning.

Our main training centre in Garsdale is off the beaten track for most people, but it is a very pleasant and relaxing environment surrounded by hills, running water and fresh air. Without the stress of traffic jams, it’s perfect for training and a pleasant stay, so well worth the effort to get here.