Course Feedback & Reviews

trainees at Lucid 2001“It is a miracle that curiosity survives formal education.” Albert Einstein

At Lucid we aim to ensure that our training courses are useful, inspiring and informative, so trainee feedback and comments are valuable to us.

We list all written course comments! – Why?

It is not difficult to get a few positive comments to advertise. At Lucid, we want to be as honest and straightforward as possible, so we have decided to list every single comment from all our course feedback forms, not just the very best ones (except for a couple where we just could not decipher the handwriting). We believe that this demonstrates the quality of our training very clearly – and we don’t have to ‘select’ which comments, or parts of comments, to use! For course comments scroll down this page…

Please note:

  • The primary purpose of the course report forms is to help us make the courses even better. We always ask the trainees to be critical, and encourage comments on anything they feel could be improved.
  • Most delegates just tick the boxes saying the course was ‘excellent’ and do not write any comments – especially on courses finishing on a Friday afternoon! The list below is comments where trainees have chosen to write something more than just ticking the boxes.

Course Comments from 2023

Date Course Trainer Comments from course report forms
May-23 APMD John Very helpful training with an awesome teacher. The information was presented very, very clearly and understandably and it covered all my needs.
May-23 APMD John Keep it up. It was awesome.
May-23 Adv Fibre John Brilliant course. I learned a lot and have a better understanding of things I thought I knew.
May-23 Adv Fibre John Brilliant, as always.
May-23 3668 Fibre Alistair A very knowledgeable trainer and easy to understand.
Apr-23 3668 Fibre Alistair I enjoyed the course. Alistair was very helpful.
Apr-23 3668 Fibre Alistair A very knowledgeable teacher. Information was displayed clearly.
Apr-23 3668 Fibre Alistair Very informative and clearly delivered.
Apr-23 3668 Fibre Alistair Very thorough, very informative. Excellent course tutor and a very happy client.
Apr-23 3668 Fibre Alistair The location was welcoming and friendly. Lots of experience was passed on from Alistair; good presentations as he extracts stuff that we needed from the course book itself.
Apr-23 3668 Fibre Alistair I was a bit nervous before the start of the course, since I have no experience in this field. All I knew was the Army in my 22 years of work. Our tutor Alistair was really helpful in every way you can imagine. Very professional and down to earth person. I really learned a lot on the course which hopefully will guide me on my venture into my new career as a civilian. A big thank you to all the staff at Lucid with the course and all that was involved. Nice food by the way. I would recommend Lucid to anyone looking to go down the career of fibre and will definitely recommend to my mates leaving the army soon.
Apr-23 AFCE John You are a master! I learned new things. Thank you.
Apr-23 AFCE John Thanks for a very informative and interactive course.
Mar-23 Fibre Intro William It would be good to see the syllabus in advance. The course was great, but unfortunately we were unable to sit the exam due to *Company* not booking the right course. All in all, a very enjoyable course much appreciated. Thank you.   Course booked through agency
Mar-23 Fibre Intro William Well delivered content great explanations.
Mar-23 Fibre Intro William Excellent trainer, very knowledgeable.
Mar-23 AOTDR John I enjoyed the course, John is very knowledgeable on the subject and I enjoyed learning from him.
Mar-23 3668 Fibre Alistair An extremely well presented course and venue. All staff were excellent from first point of contact to tutorial, I would recommend the course and venue very highly.
Mar-23 3668 Fibre Alistair I was very much at ease with the instruction as the instructor was very knowledgeable. Some of the best instruction I have ever received.
Mar-23 3668 Fibre Alistair Team up with local accommodation.
Mar-23 3668 Fibre Alistair Alistair presented the course excellently. The interaction was amazing and I gained copious amounts of information. I feel confident in going out to site and completing jobs to a much better standard after the information acquired. An excellent experience.
Mar-23 Blown Fibre William Another fantastic course with a great with great instruction.
Mar-23 Blown Fibre William Access to online tuition would help due to skill fade, it would be nice to be able to access an online after service to go over any bits again in the future. I found the tutors to be very helpful, polite and knowledgeable throughout the course. I very much enjoyed it.

* we are working on online access to manuals/videos – coming soon.

Mar-23 Blown Fibre William Another fantastic course delivered in an amazing environment. I feel really comfortable with the subject due to all of the underpinning knowledge we have covered.
Mar-23 3668 Fibre Alistair Good comms prior to course which helps navigate the qualifications so I knew what I wanted. The tutor rephrased things well to help understanding and a good use of relatable examples. Being completely new to telecoms, I would have liked more practical work. A really good atmosphere and coffee!
Mar-23 3668 Fibre Alistair Good course. Very helpful.
Feb-23 3668 Copper Alistair I found the course tutor extremely knowledgeable.
Feb-23 3668 Copper Alistair Good course. Very informative.
Feb-23 3668 Copper Alistair Maybe the course could be four days and exams on the fifth day.
Feb-23 3668 Copper Alistair The course was really good with a very intelligent tutor.
Feb-23 3668 Fibre William William was great, his enthusiasm helped me to learn what was required. I wish I would have had more teachers liked him at school.
Feb-23 3668 Fibre William One of if not the most enthusiastic tutor I’ve had for a training course which really helped keep the topics interesting, upbeat and helps the whole learning experience. William is a credit to lucid and I hope I have the pleasure to be involved in in more training.
Feb-23 3668 Fibre William The course leader was very helpful, especially having had no real experience in fibre. He explained everything really well and I ended with both passing grades. Easy to react and talk to always open to explain more.
Feb-23 3668 Fibre William A brilliantly informed and knowledgeable instructor. He made the course very clear and interesting. I enjoyed it very much.
Feb-23 3668 Fibre Alistair A good course the tutor is very knowledgeable about the course and very in depth learning. However more practical would have been nice to break up the learning pause more time spent on testing please.
Feb-23 3668 Fibre Alistair I really enjoyed the course. The trainer was very, very good. Would like to have more time on testing equipment. Thank you
Jan-23 AOTDR John A very informative course. After completing a lot of OTDR testing and trace analysis, the course filled in the blanks and helped understand why you see various events and their causes. John was extremely knowledgeable about fibre and his passion for the industry, equipment and testing methods was apparent. Very approachable and willing to answer all questions.
Jan-23 AOTDR John Superb instructor.
Jan-23 AOTDR John This is the second time that I have been on a Lucid training course and it’s again been a great experience. The knowledge gained will be advantageous in daily work activities and I would highly recommend for others to attend.
Jan-23 AOTDR John Cheers, John. It was great.
Jan-23 AOTDR John Very informative and helpful.
Jan-23 3668 Fibre Alistair An excellent course well presented by Alistair at a good pace and pitch, good break time facilities and lunch. Thank you, Annette.
Jan-23 3668 Fibre William The course was very good and helpful. The tutor was very good and him making things more simple meant it’s a lot easier for me to understand.
Jan-23 3668 Fibre William This course will be beneficial for current fibre workstreams I’m involved in. The instructor was respectful, knowledgeable and enthusiastic which helped with the learning of the content of the course.
Jan-23 AOTDR John John is a really great trainer. I really enjoyed myself and I learned a lot. Everything I wanted to and more. A really great course and in a good environment.

Course comments from 2022

Date Course Trainer Comments from course report forms
Dec-22 3668 Fibre Alistair Really good, I enjoyed it all.
Dec-22 3668 Fibre William I thought the course was excellent and delivered very well. I really liked William’s way of teaching as he made it really enjoyable and easy to follow. He was patient with people and made the course fun which I really enjoyed. It would have been good to do the practical in a workshop environment and also be informed before the course that there were modules to complete at home.
Dec-22 3668 Fibre William A really good atmosphere created by William on day one. He carried enthusiasm all the way through and made a tough subject thoroughly enjoyable.
Dec-22 3668 Fibre William William is a credit to the company. Fantastic trainer.
Dec-22 3668 Fibre William I found the course gave me the knowledge required and found the tutor fantastic. A great sense of humour. Thanks, William.
Dec-22 3668 Fibre Alistair Thank you.
Dec-22 3668 Fibre William The tutor gave me mince pies and liked my singing.
Dec-22 3668 Fibre William Great content, very useful to learn the physics behind the everyday job I perform. Fantastic presentation, the most engaging and enthusiastic training I’ve come across on any course I’ve attended in the past 18 years I have spent in telco. Many thanks, William.
Dec-22 3668 Fibre William Thanks, William, you teach me a lot about the OTDR tests that I’ve been doing without understanding, now I can understand my tests. You are so helpful and you have the skill to put the information in my head.
Nov-22 3668 Copper Alistair Alister is a really good tutor who knows his stuff for this course. Thank you.
Nov-22 3668 Copper Alistair Excellent course. I’ll definitely recommend.
Nov-22 3668 Copper Alistair A great course presented well with great anecdotes and explanations.
Nov-22 3668 Copper Alistair A really helpful course. I’ll recommend.
Oct-22 3668 Fibre William Superb venue with excellent food included, expertly delivered by William with fantastic results. Very very pleased and will recommend William.
Oct-22 3668 Fibre William William was outstanding. He delivered the course brilliantly, an amazing week of learning about the fibre installation methods. I now have a full understanding.
Oct-22 3668 Fibre William I enjoyed the course; the tutor was excellent.
Oct-22 3668 Fibre William The course was delivered very well. The tutor was helpful, knowledgeable and enthusiastic; he was eager to explain things in different ways to ensure the whole group understood.
Oct-22 3668 Fibre William The course was very well managed, very interactive, very engaging, even despite mostly theory. William did brilliantly presenting and engaging and answering very specific questions to our field of work. He was very passionate about fibre, but don’t let him go Go-karting with us again!
Oct-22 3668 Fibre William William was a great teacher. He made everything understandable, easy to learn and informative.
Sep-22 3668 Fibre William Very good, enthusiastic at delivering the course. Excellent choice of floral shirts. good at explaining topics differently for each learner to understand in their own way.
Sep-22 3668 Fibre William An extremely informative and enjoyable course. William is an excellent instructor and clearly very knowledgeable. The course was delivered in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.
Sep-22 3668 Fibre William William was very knowledgeable on the subject matter. He was very energetic with the way the course was delivered. I totally enjoyed the week. Thank you.
Sep-22 3668 Fibre William William’s presentation style is fantastic and engaging. Good style and explanations throughout. Willing to answer any question at any time. The course dynamic was good with a mixture of practical and theory.
Sep-22 3668 Fibre William The course content was delivered very well. Full on sometimes and there are many heavy topics, however necessary. Practical elements help explain the processes etc. and were enjoyable and interesting. He involved everyone in the course and helped others if required.
Sep-22 3668 Fibre Alistair A great course, well explained and very informative.
Sep-22 3668 Fibre Alistair Online video tuition for either learning prior to or after, as an access package; possibly a memory stick of the course book, as most others do this. Thank you. I found the course very enjoyable.
Aug-22 Laser Safety John The course was really useful and great. It will help in understanding the risks involved while using laser equipment and hence take the necessary precautions.
Aug-22 Laser Safety John A great course, I enjoyed it very much.
Aug-22 Laser Safety John Some more case studies showing examples of good and bad practice in the optical field and research lab might be nice but the course is already excellent.
Aug-22 Laser Safety John The course was well structured and informative. The instructor was friendly and explained concepts in a great way. I particularly liked how he explained the workings of a laser.
Jul-22 3668 Fibre William Excellent course well presented an informative.
Jul-22 3668 Fibre William Thank you for developing and running this course, very well presented and organised. We’ll be back for more.
Jul-22 3668 Fibre Alistair Alister makes the course interesting. He’s very good at explaining. He kept pace with us, slowed down in parts we needed more information in and kept a good pace. Thanks Allister.
Jul-22 3668 Fibre Alistair After spending 35 years in the installation game, Allister made the topic very interesting. I now have a good knowledge of the theory side. Thanks.
Jul-22 3668 Fibre Alistair Enjoyable and informative.
Jul-22 3668 Fibre Alistair I really enjoyed the course. Despite having worked with fibre for over a year, I found the week very useful and engaging. Alistair was great, the stories and anecdotes really helped to illustrate the points and helped key points stick in my mind for the exam. They were important information and the way it was signposted was really helpful. The daily quizzes were very helpful regarding keeping information in my mind and the time spent going over them the following day was also good. The OTDR training was especially good. I feel that I learned a lot of useful information for my job.
Jul-22 3668 Fibre Alistair Alistair was an exceptional tutor who made everything easy to understand and gave loads of examples. Excellent training top class and easy to understand. The tutor was top drawer to keep my attention and transfer knowledge over the course of a week. I would highly recommend Lucid, thank you for everything.
Jun-22 3668 Fibre Alistair A very good course, went from zero knowledge to passing all tests!
Jun-22 3668 Fibre Alistair Excellent training and enjoyable course and experience.
Jun-22 3668 Fibre Alistair Alistair was a really knowledgeable guy and very helpful with any questions. Annette made a great buffet every day. Got to get the brain food. Everyone was very welcoming and friendly. I would definitely recommend to people looking in this department
Jun-22 3668 Fibre Alistair Brilliant service and brilliant tutor. I really enjoyed my time here.
May-22 Laser Safety John Excellent course workbook, a great source of reference.
May-22 Laser Safety John John was highly knowledgeable. The course met all my expectations and requirements. Thank you.
May-22 Laser Safety John A great quality coursebook, the tutor was fantastic and knowledgeable.
May-22 Laser Safety John Relaxed and informal presentation style, covering the needs of myself and the others. Detailed topic with various levels applicable to network requirements.
May-22 Laser Safety John A great course. Thank you very much.
May-22 3668 Fibre William Thank you for all the help William.
May-22 3668 Fibre Alistair Good food, good coffee, good people.
May-22 3668 Fibre William The course was in depth, but the trainer explained everything really well, which helped me to understand difficult parts of the course.
Apr-23 3667 Fibre Alistair I would like to thank my teaching tutor for all their knowledge. Everything I got from here and for the five days. Thank you.
Mar-22 3667 Copper Alistair The course tutor is very knowledgeable. He took time to explain professionally, very patient.
Mar-22 AFCE John A fantastic training course, which has put all others to shame.
Mar-22 AFCE John John is an excellent trainer and very knowledgeable. Thank you John.
Feb-22 3667 Fibre Alistair Very clear and concise.
Feb-22 3667 Fibre Alistair Allister was very good.
Feb-22 3667 Fibre Alistair Great course.
Feb-22 3667 Fibre Alistair Very useful. well presented. Thank you.
Feb-22 3667 Fibre Alistair Great length of course.
Feb-22 3667 Fibre Alistair Excellent tutor thanks.
Feb-22 3667 Fibre William Overall I enjoyed the learning and knowledge gained from my tutor. I am happy of my outcome and look forward to progressing further.
Feb-22 3667 Fibre William Thank you for the help and understanding of the information passed on to us. Our tutor was excellent, presented himself well and helped and supported when needed. Thanks.
Feb-22 3667 Fibre William The course was excellent in presentation and description, particularly considering how intense and condensed the time was. Thanks to Lucid and Inside Connections for the chance to support and to enable us to achieve the qualifications that will enable us to gain a career path in the fibre industry.
Feb-22 3667 Fibre Alistair Alister is very knowledgeable on the subject and always answered questions, a good working atmosphere and good facilities.
Feb-22 3667 Fibre Alistair A thoroughly enjoyable course with excellent tutoring. Quite challenging time and content wise, but very well explained.
Feb-22 3667 Fibre Alistair Good course, overall very enjoyable. Thank you.
Feb-22 Adv OTDR John A great course. I really enjoyed my three days.
Feb-22 Adv Fibre John An excellent course. Thanks very much, John.
Feb-22 Adv Fibre John John is very knowledgeable and clearly an expert at what he does. It’s been great getting to know him and I feel my knowledge within telecoms has vastly increased after this course. Having examples of testing equipment and reports would have been beneficial pause very useful, especially the testing module.
Feb-22 Adv Fibre John John was very clear when explaining what he was showing us and very knowledgeable on all topics.
Feb-22 3667 Fibre Alistair I felt the course was extremely well presented and that Alister was very knowledgeable and helpful.
Feb-22 3667 Fibre Alistair I enjoyed the course and the informal atmosphere; it was very informative.
Feb-22 3667 Fibre Alistair Alister is very knowledgeable and helpful within the course. He answered questions with confidence.

Course comments from 2019

Date Course Trainer Comments from course report forms
Jul-19 C&G 3667 Alistair Excellent course, all the handouts/ information was relevant. Course content was good although highlighting key points in the manuals would be of benefit.
Jul-19 C&G 3667 Alistair Alistair was an excellent instructor. Will be back for future courses. Much appreciated.
Jul-19 Laser Safety John It was a really good training course! I learnt a lot as John is an excellent trainer. It’s obvious his high level of knowledge and experience. The material used was very clear and he was dynamic using examples easy to understand.
Jul-19 Data Coms Alistair Would have been easier if it was city based, but only a minor issue.
Jun-19 C&G Fibre Alistair Instructor was very helpful and knowledgable
Jun-19 C&G Fibre Alistair Excellent course, great tutor
Jun-19 C&G Fibre Alistair Alistair very knowledgeable, approachable and helpful.
May-19 AFCE John Truly learned on this course. Thank you.
May-19 AFCE John John was the best vocational course instructor I have come across. He understands his material extremely well and gives analogies that makes everything clear and hard to forget.
May-19 AFCE John Had a great week of training. John is very knowledgeable and describes things very well so its understood by everyone. I thought it might have been better if I had received a little information upfront to possibly prepare a bit. Thanks John!
May-19 AFCE John The course was excellent, really refreshed my knowledge. Just a thank you to John and all for this week, the course has been excellent and John’s knowledge is unrivalled. Will be back soon.
Apr-19 C&G Fibre John Good course, very informative . Excellent instructor and equipment
Apr-19 C&G Fibre John Good course. Good instructor and equipment. Great food and friendly staff
Apr-19 C&G Fibre John Relaxed atmosphere and small class room was excellent. Tutor John was very knowledgeable . Very happy with my experience.
Apr-19 Umbilical Alistair Examples of projects where jointing/ testing of umbilicals was involved.
Apr-19 Umbilical Alistair Expected more information on umbilicals but course was very interesting.
Apr-19 Umbilical Alistair An additional electronic copy [of manual] would have been very much better.
Apr-19 Umbilical Alistair The course may be more balanced between electrical and optical part. The days 1&2 can be merged if we can go quicker through generalities.
Apr-19 Umbilical Alistair The examples of applications and also the quiz questions could be included in the course manual. Also a bit more time could be taken to go through the electrical part.
Apr-19 Umbilical Alistair Very useful course addressing lots of technical stuff supported by practical and knowledgeable tutor. I would recommend this course unhesitatingly.
Apr-19 Umbilical Alistair Very good course, funny, helpful, with lot of knowledge tutor. I think he deserves a pay raise, John, or a car as a gift (lotus is not bad).
Apr-19 Umbilical Alistair After 10 years in SAIPEN that is the second best training after the IFP.
Mar-19 Umbilical Alistair Enjoyed the course a great deal & instructor was helpful & explained everything very well.
Mar-19 Umbilical Alistair Tutor very good at stopping & answering any question that was asked. Also kept it interesting and kept everyone involved
Mar-19 Umbilical Alistair Course has definitely improved my basic knowledge to a level that will make my job easier & help me analyse issues with confidence which will help when working with/answering client questions. Tutor was very helpful & clearly of a better standard (knowledge) compared to other courses I have been on .
Mar-19 Umbilical Alistair Alistair was excellent in his approach to training about a boring subject. Also very happy to assist at any time.
Mar-19 Umbilical Alistair Excellent course. Very informative & knowledgeable instructor. Thanks! I learnt a lot 🙂
Mar-19 FO Bespoke John & Dave The course exceeded my expectations. Two of the days had two trainers and this added to the learning. Excellent and informative course. Would happily attend more courses at Lucid.
Mar-19 FO Bespoke John & Dave The course has given me an understanding and showed many ways of terminating fibres. All of my questions were answered and the course was brilliant. Theory and practical are helpful for my customer calls . All better than I expected :-). Thank you.
Mar-19 FO Bespoke John & Dave Training was very good. Feeling confident about fibre knowledge now. Very informative presentation material. Thank you.
Mar-19 FO Bespoke John & Dave Excellent training course. I learnt a lot of information and knowledge on fibre optics that will benefit me in my job role
Mar-19 FO Bespoke John & Dave Superb! The group had varied levels of knowledge and the course and atmosphere was perfect . I am amazed that such a course, perfect for our needs, was constructed from a phone overview. Training manual was perfect, great book.
Feb-19 Umbilical Alistair Well presented course. I’ve gained a considerable amount of extra knowledge during the week, increasing the level of confidence when dealing with problems.
Feb-19 Umbilical Alistair Very informative and well presented course. Tutors knowledge was extensive and course was well tailored for our requirements. Thoroughly enjoyed he week and look forward to future training.
Feb-19 Umbilical Alistair Course instructor excellent at delivering the course, demonstrating equipment & answering questions. Course booklet very informative
Feb-19 Umbilical Alistair Very knowledgeable, Alistair was very professional and helpful with any part of the course I was unsure of.
Feb-19 Umbilical Alistair Alistair made the course very easy to understand also laid back which kept myself at ease and not flustered if not confident with any aspects of the course
Feb-19 Umbilical Alistair Excellent course. Alistair was excellent at presenting all the course material demonstrating all the practical element very well. Alistair is a very, very knowledgeable guy & pleasant and would highly recommend him to carry out more courses.
Feb-19 C&G Fibre Alistair Alistair was a brilliant teacher
Feb-19 C&G Fibre Alistair Excellent enjoyable. Feel much more confident. Thank you. I’ll be back!
Feb-19 C&G Fibre Alistair Many thanks
Feb-19 C&G Fibre Alistair Great course, amazing!
Feb-19 AOTDR John Absolutely excellent course, tailored very much for my own needs. John’s knowledge is superb, wasn’t a question or query that I had that couldn’t be answered. Ever so patient and course was highly interesting, informative and detailed . Thoroghly enjoyed every minute of the training .
Feb-19 Umbilical Alistair Course was very well presented,Alistair is a great help with a wealth of knowledge
Feb-19 Umbilical Alistair Excellent course. Very in depth and productive.
Feb-19 Umbilical Alistair Instructor was very good at keeping the attention of the class and presented the material in a way for everyone to learn.
Feb-19 Umbilical Alistair Excellent course.Alistair presented the course really well.
Jan-19 AOTDR John Excellent tutor who was very knowledgeable. Highly recommend the training centre.
Jan-19 C&G Fibre Alistair Instructor very friendly with great sense of humour. Very knowledeable and understood very well. Very happy .
Jan-19 C&G Fibre Alistair Excellent content and balance between theory and practical. Adaptive approach to order of topics and input being accepted ensured an engaged group. Very conducive to learning.
Jan-19 C&G Copper Alistair Alistair was knowledgeable, personable and very engaging. Made for a very relaxed, detail filled course
Jan-19 C&G Copper Alistair I found the course to be very useful, informative and most of all fun. Nice mix of both theory and practical so as not to make it repetitive
Jan-19 C&G Copper Alistair A little bit far from where I live but I suppose wherever you have the course some people going to be close some going to be far.
Jan-19 CofK Annette Very informative
Jan-19 CofK Annette Thank you
Jan-19 AOTDR John Excellent tutor who was very knowledeable. Highly recommend the training course.
Jan-19 Umbilical Alistair pdf of slides
Jan-19 Umbilical Alistair Excellent course
Jan-19 AOTDR John Excellent course very well delivered
Jan-19 AOTDR John Excellently presented by john. Took time to answer questions and explain them
Jan-19 AOTDR John Great course, very informative
Jan-19 Umbilical Alistair Well presented course, Alistair was very knowledgeable & informative. Maybe a print out of the daily quiz so can refer to it during revision.
Jan-19 Umbilical Alistair I was looking forward to this course and feel I now have all the information required to conduct copper and fibre testing. Very happy with instructor very knowledgeable man 🙂
Jan-19 Umbilical Alistair Well presented course that was very enjoyable. Taken back to basics which was good to review and go over fundamental basics. Good use of the equipment to give us good confidence to be able to use the equipment when required.
Jan-19 Umbilical Alistair Very knowledgeable instructor, very helpful
Jan-19 Umbilical Alistair Very good course, very interesting
Jan-19 Umbilical Alistair Good course, very informative to the content (fibre, OTDR, TDR + CR/IR testing)

Course comments from 2018

Date Course Trainer Comments from course report forms
Dec-18 C&G Fibre Steve Great atmosphere. Great equipment. Knowledgeable trainer. Would recommend
Dec-18 C&G Fibre Steve Excellent all round course. Exactly what was expected. Friendly and informative. Highly recommended
Dec-18 C&G Fibre Steve Great course. Keep up the good work . Tutor was clear and precise hence I was able to pass !
Dec-18 C&G Fibre Steve Steve was great at delivering course material. Felt welcomed every day . Overall I enjoyed the course and would highly recommend. The OTDR has a poor display and would recommend to update the OTDR.   This OTDR has now been replaced
Nov-18 C&G Fibre Alistair Alistair did an exceptional job maintaining my concentration with potentially a very complicated subject
Nov-18 C&G Fibre Alistair Thanks!
Nov-18 C&G Fibre Alistair Pre course reading would be useful
Nov-18 C&G Fibre Alistair Alistair has a natural ability to deliver an enormous amount of information in an enjoyable and informal way
Nov-18 C&G Fibre Alistair Excellent. Alistair is an excellent tutor/trainer
Oct-18 C&G Fibre Alistair Electronic Manual ?
Oct-18 C&G Fibre Alistair Many thanks for premium quality courses and your hospitality.
Oct-18 C&G Fibre Alistair Great course. The full week has been excellent. Many thanks to all.
Oct-18 C&G Copper Alistair Very helpful and friendly trainer (Alistair)
Sep-18 C&G Copper Alistair Some material pre-course to better prepare
Sep-18 C&G Fibre Alistair Digital copy of material would be useful reference as I spend a lot of time between Uk and Hong Kong…reducing weight in luggage.
Jul-18 C&G Fibre Alistair Very good course, learnt a great deal and would highly recommend !
Jul-18 C&G Fibre Alistair Great bunch of guys. Cant wait to come back for my OTDR training. Alistair awesome tutor !
Jul-18 C&G Fibre Alistair Brilliant venue, great bunch of staff. Alistair fantastic tutor. Will be coming back for more training .
Jul-18 C&G Fibre Alistair Alistair was extremely knowledgeable and was happy to answer any questions
Jul-18 C&G Fibre Alistair Alistair was very helpful and comforting. He explained everything very professionally
Jul-18 C&G Fibre Alistair Alistair was very informative and professional
Jun-18 C&G Fibre Alistair Very informative course. Thank you Alistair.
Jun-18 C&G Fibre Alistair Great teacher. Practical and theory very well informed.
Jun-18 C&G Fibre Alistair Thanks for being a great teacher Alistair ! Didn’t have much time to learn before the course but you made it easier for me .
Jun-18 C&G Fibre Alistair Very well taught .Easy to understand. Good supporting tools and paperwork .
Jun-18 C&G Fibre Alistair Very happy with the course . Alistair is a great teacher and it was a useful course full of information.
Jun-18 Laser safety John Excellent course, very informative.John was superb and made the subject matter very interesting. Would definitey recommend Lucid.
Jun-18 Laser safety John Most interesting course I have received.
Jun-18 Laser safety John Very good and informative. Met requirements.
Jun-18 Laser safety John I found the course very informative and interesting. It had just the right amount of content without being too over complicated. Thanks .
Jun-18 Laser safety John John did a very good job explaining all topics. This was a very interesting course. Thanks.
Jun-18 C&G Fibre Alistair Fantastic organisation. Very helpful ,many thanks.
May-18 C&G Fibre Alistair Very informative course, well delivered
May-18 C&G Fibre Alistair Very well presented course. Happy with the pass.
May-18 C&G Fibre Alistair Enjoyable course
Apr-18 AOTDR John Having trained with a number of providers in the fibre industry I can say that the standard of teaching and course quality is second to none. Thank you .
Apr-18 C&G Fibre Alistair Great course
Apr-18 C&G Fibre Alistair Well run course-excellent knowledge of tutors.
Apr-18 C&G Fibre Alistair Instructor was very helpful
Apr-18 C&G Fibre Alistair A more step-wise approach to the modules would be helpful
Apr-18 AOTDR John Absolutely brilliant course. I have learned a lot.
Apr-18 AOTDR John Great course. Very informative. John explains complicated subjects in a way that makes it easy to understand.
Mar-18 C&G Copper Steve The course was both fun and useful.
Jan-18 C&G Fibre Alistair OTDR-more time to practice
Jan-18 C&G Fibre Alistair Very happy with the course and all the staff involved. Very satisfied.
Jan-18 C&G Fibre Alistair Thank you for a great week and for the knowledge and skills I have gained.
Jan-18 C&G Fibre Alistair Excellent Venue.Really helpful staff.

Course comments from 2017

Date Course Trainer Comments from course report forms
Dec-17 Laser safety John More in depth than expected. Very informative and appreciated.
Dec-17 Laser safety John Very good course , well presented.
Dec-17 AOTDR John John was knowledgeable friendly and patient and I feel that I can put into practice what I have learned with confidence. I would recommend Lucid to anyone interested in learning about fibre optics.
Dec-17 AOTDR John Amazing course , full of useful content which I will use in the future.
Nov-17 C&G Fibre Alistair Course was very good and explained well for myself to understand. Would recommend course to anyone.
Nov-17 Adv Fibre Charac. John Very comprehensive. Very well pitched. A wealth of real world examples. Great instruction.
Nov-17 Adv Fibre Charac. John Fantastic course which covered everything. Delivered by the most knowledeable instructor I have come across.
Nov-17 Adv Fibre Charac. John Excellent course !
Nov-17 Adv Fibre Charac. John Excellent course. Very well delivered.
Nov-17 Adv Fibre Charac. John Excellent course material and presentation. Thoroughly enjoyed all aspects of the course and my understanding of the content has been greatly improved.
Nov-17 Adv Fibre Charac. John Excellent course. Tutor was very knowledgeable. Would recommend the course to other colleagues.
Nov-17 Adv Fibre Charac. John Really enjoyable course. Instructor is very knowledgeable and has a very relaxed approach to teaching.
Sep-17 C&G Copper Alistair Everything was perfect. Thank you very much for everything.
Sep-17 C&G Copper Alistair The material was very clearly presented. Very understandable.
Sep-17 C&G Copper Alistair All was clearly represented.
Sep-17 C&G Copper Alistair Thank you very much Alistair. Everything was perfect.
Sep-17 C&G Copper Alistair Course tutor was so friendly and explaining everything very detailed. Such a nice guy !
Sep-17 C&G Copper Alistair With more than 10 years experience I am still learning things. Our tutor was brilliant. Thank you !
Sep-17 C&G Copper Alistair Tutor is a great professional .
Sep-17 C&G Fibre steve Very informative, very useful
Sep-17 C&G Fibre steve Everything was very well explained throughout the course
Sep-17 C&G Fibre Steve Was a very enjoyable week. Course was run in an excellent way. All staff are helpful and friendly. Would highly recommend.
Sep-17 Umbilical Alistair Suggest a test at end of each module. Too much information.
Sep-17 Umbilical Alistair Good Course but would prefer test at end of each module.
Jul-17 C&G Copper steve Really enjoyed this course.Made to feel very welcome. Standard of tuition was excellent.
Jun-17 AOTDR John Very helpful course. Gained a lot of info I can take back to my working day . Many thanks .
Jun-17 C&G Fibre Steve Really worthwhile course. Well presented and comfortable.
May-17 C&G Fibre Alistair Alistair has been excellent at giving information in understandable and relevant chunks.
May-17 C&G Fibre Alistair Aistair is extremely knowledeable, polite and helpful. He took the time to explain things in a very clear and concise manner. Thank you very much indeed.
May-17 C&G Fibre Alistair Excellent course well run and explained. Will return to attend the copper course . Many thanks.
May-17 C&G Fibre Alistair Another well run and excellent course. Covered everything I needed and more. Staff are always helpful and welcoming.
May-17 Laser safety John Very intense day full of information but well worth doing. Refreshments and facilities very good. Thank you .
Apr-17 AOTDR John Great course, met all my theory requirements. Not too worried as to how much practical took place
Apr-17 AOTDR John Great course
Apr-17 Fibre Intro John Very enjoyable and informative.
Mar-17 AOTDR John Very good all round
Mar-17 AOTDR John Great course with reliable examples. Large focus on installation which was a little less desireable for cable manufacturing but still useful.

This was an externally certified course so we had to complete the set syllabus 

Mar-17 AOTDR John Course was very relaxed and informative and I enjoyed it .John was a very good trainer.
Mar-17 AOTDR John Excellent course, very well presented. Went way above what I expected.
Mar-17 C&G Fibre Alistair Very good course. All staff very friendly and extremely helpful.
Mar-17 C&G Fibre Alistair Excellent course, excellent tutor, excellent delivery, can’t ask for more. I am delighted and very appreciative of the quality of the tutor and the delivery of the subject matter
Mar-17 C&G Fibre Steve Thanks for a fantastic course
Mar-17 C&G Fibre Steve Location of venue is excellent.Excellent delivery of course by Steve. Thanks
Mar-17 C&G Fibre Steve Really enjoyed the course. Trainer was very helpful and always happy to help . Great course and will tell people about it .
Feb-17 C&G Fibre Alistair Very enjoyable course
Feb-17 C&G Fibre Alistair Enjoyed the course , very informal. I believe I am in a better position with fibre principles/cabling than I could ever managed on my own in the field. . Alistair has been great .
Feb-17 C&G Fibre Alistair Kept it fun and that hepled as a lot of information to take in. Cannot fault it.
Feb-17 C&G Fibre Alistair Excellent course . All demonstrations and course work fantastic. Alistair was very knowledgeable and a fantastic tutor .
Feb-17 C&G Fibre Alistair Really enjoyed the week. Excellent tutor in Alistair, very knowledgeable.
Jan-17 Umbilical Alistair It would be helpful to use the equipment we use in the field if possible
Jan-17 Umbilical Alistair The course was excellent and I fell I have learned a great deal about the subject
Jan-17 Umbilical Alistair It would be useful to have the manuals before the course.
Jan-17 Umbilical Alistair Demanding , interesting ,informative, well presented. Thanks.
Jan-17 Umbilical Alistair Felt some of the questions on the practical at the end could have been phrased better. Maybe been useful to use equipment we use on the job. Good course and interesting especially fibre optic side.
Jan-17 AOTDR John The course instructor conducted the course with great content and explained all aspects in a way that was easy to understand. I would recommend anyone to use Lucid for any fibre related training as they really know their stuff. The facilities are lovely, comfortable and set in  beautiful surroundings.Tea, coffee and food is all included and very very nice. Thank you Lucid , I will return .

Course comments from 2016

Date Course Trainer Comments from course report forms
Nov-16 C&G Copper Alistair Had a great time. Very good course . Excellent tutor
Nov-16 C&G Fibre Alistair Extremely knowledgeable tutor. Alistair made the course very understandable, always able to provide real world example to back up the theory . The facilities are excellent. Thank you for an entertaining week.
Nov-16 C&G Fibre Alistair Great course and instructor and office staff.
Oct-16 C&G Fibre Alistair Excellent and beneficial course !
Oct-16 C&G Fibre Alistair Great teacher, huge knowledge not only about fibre but many more aspects of technical terms and solutions. I would strongly recommend Alistair as a tutor.
Oct-16 C&G Fibre Alistair Alistair was very good at teaching and explaining the course. Very good teacher .
Sep-16 Umbilical Alistair Very good course. Will be taking the material on the job with me for reference.
Sep-16 Umbilical Alistair Very conclusive and informative course , hard to find any area for improvement. Course tutor was extremely motivated and knowledeable
Sep-16 Umbilical Alistair Alistair was very helpful and good at explaining we were struggling with.
Sep-16 Umbilical Alistair To use our own equipment throughout the course. Excellent course.
We are always happy for trainees to bring their own equipment
Jul-16 AOTDR John John is an excellent tutor. He is able to explain a sometimes complicated subject in a very straight forward way . I really enjoyed the course and would recommend any of the Lucid courses to my peers.
Jul-16 C&G Fibre Alistair I found the course very helpful and interesting
Jul-16 C&G Fibre Alistair Page numbers on the slides would be helpful to help direct us to correct page. Overall course experience was excellent.
Jul-16 C&G Fibre Alistair Fibre was totally new to me therefore found the course very interesting and learned a lot. Only recommendation would be to reference the slides to the course handbook and maybe to provide the course handbook prior to starting the course. Apart from that the trainer was very good and knew what he was talking about. Well done and thanks.
Jul-16 Umbilical Alistair I think we need some videos to clarify the material and to get the steps of practical more easy to understand
Jul-16 Umbilical Alistair Instructor is so efficient , cooperative and gives the easiest way to make us understand the course materials. Suggest to add some videos to the course materials to make it easy to imagine the actual situation while working.
Jul-16 Umbilical Alistair This course and instructor was very good. Instructor was very knowledeable about content in training manual and course, good at communicating to students about certain items. Only issue was equipment we used on course was not what we use on project. Our employer and Lucid need to discuss this and provide students so we know equipment prior to project. Also maybe being able to prepare larger diameter cables to repeat offshore activities.
Jun-16 C&G Fibre Alistair Good course. Well presented and very informative
Jun-16 C&G Fibre Alistair Great course.
Jun-16 C&G Fibre Alistair Beautiful environment, very relaxed atmosphere. Great catering. Thank you .
Jun-16 C&G Fibre Alistair Instructor was excellent, all topics clearly explained and queries carefully explained.Venue in country environment makes a very pleasant change from the usual dreary industrial estate. Snack lunch first class !
Apr-16 AOTDR John Thank you for an excellent training experience. Leaving with a new found confidence.
Apr-16 C&G Fibre Alistair I was very pleased with the course and the presentation. A very friendly atmosphere and a well layed out course. My only issue is some of the tools were very well worn. If the tools were in a bit better condition it would make it a bit easier.The tutor had plenty of knowledge and had good experience. Very happy with the course.
Apr-16 C&G Fibre Alistair Practical ares would benefit from better lighting (Task Lighting) to assist in seeing fibres. Some of the tools and equipment were not working 100% completely, although others were available.
Customer site and customer equipment
Apr-16 C&G Fibre Alistair Course well paced and presented
Apr-16 C&G Fibre Alistair I felt the course was well presented and now have a much better knowledge of fibre optics.
Apr-16 C&G Fibre Alistair Course was planned very well and kept interesting at all times
Apr-16 C&G Fibre Alistair The course was informative and well conducted fo the week.
Mar-16 AOTDR John Very interesting course and very well presented. Thanks John
Mar-16 AOTDR John Excellent course. Very good instructor and helpful
Mar-16 AOTDR John Would have liked a bit more information on Access networks and testing of FTTH networks , splitters etc.
Jan-16 C&G Fibre John Great course, enjoyable. Learned a lot over a week
Jan-16 C&G Fibre John Very good set of tutors and staff. Enjoyed the course. Thank you.
Jan-16 C&G Fibre Steve Thank you very much
Jan-16 C&G Fibre Steve Good relaxed and easy to learn and understand . Very useful and gave me a much better understanding.
Jan-16 C&G Fibre Steve An excellent course that certainly consolidated all the practical experience I gained in this first year of a new career.Course delivery by Steve Dobson was beyond excellent.
Jan-16 C&G Fibre Steve Steve was great at teaching us, enjoyed the course a lot, and hopefully gained the knowledge and skills I need for my job.
Jan-16 Laser safety John Excellent class and facility. Course met expectations. Excellent instructor knowledge.

Course comments from 2015

Date Course Trainer Comments from course report forms
Nov-15 Adv Fibre John Excellent course. Very advantageous to have lower level knowledge of fibre composition and background information. This will help in making future decisions.
Nov-15 Adv Fibre John Excellent course-complex material made accessible and fun. Might be worth updating the slides in places to stay current.
Nov-15 Adv Fibre John Great course , very informative.
Nov-15 Adv Fibre John John I enjoyed the course. Going through the basics and theory has allowed me to understand and appreciate what occurs in a fibre now.
Nov-15 Intro Fibre John Thanks for a very informative introduction. The analogies make a very difficult topic extremely easy.
Nov-15 Intro Fibre John Great course with a very knowledgeable instructor.
Nov-15 C&G Fibre Steve Very friendly,very knowledgeable tutor and all other staff make it an all round great experience. Really enjoyed everything . Thank you !
Oct-15 C&G Fibre Steve Course was brilliantly constructed. Steve was very helpful . Would recommend highly.
Oct-15 C&G Fibre Steve Very good overall. I now have a solid understanding of fibre cabling etc.Keep up the good work!
Oct-15 C&G Fibre Steve Good trainer. Very interactive. Technically sound and confident.
Sep-15 AOTDR John Good course , very well presented.
Sep-15 AOTDR John Very good course. More hands on training
Sep-15 AOTDR John John was extremely knowledgeable in all areas of fibre optics and expalined various concepts in different ways
Sep-15 AOTDR John As you have mentioned and guessed I missed the practical part. I would have liked to spend more time on equipment
Sep-15 C&G Fibre Steve Great course and instructor
Sep-15 C&G Fibre Steve Useful course. Informal nature of delivery good.
Jul-15 AOTDR John Would be useful to attend fibre terminating course at some stage.
Jul-15 AOTDR John Excellent training environment ,very good demonstration test equipment,very knowledgeable trainer.
Jul-15 AOTDR John Excellent course , thank you John. We all knew nothing about fibre optics before we came here but we all left with a confidence to go out in the field and try out our new skills.
Jul-15 AOTDR John Good course , very well presented.
Jul-15 AOTDR John Would like a splicing course making new connectors.
Jul-15 C&G Fibre Steve Course could be longer to enable more practical time
Jul-15 C&G Fibre Steve Rated course manual both poor and useful. A lot of useful information but I felt it is poorly laid out and sometimes difficult to find the relevant information.
Jul-15 C&G Fibre Steve Breaks could be more frequent but less duration.
Jul-15 Fibre Intro John Very well presented, very well prepared. I am sure this has put me in a good position going forward in understanding the standards and expectations of our sub-contractors.
Jul-15 Fibre Intro John Well delivered training , a great insight to fibres.
Jun-15 C&G Fibre Steve Very good course
Jun-15 C&G Fibre Steve Excellent week . Great tutor , great facilities. Will be back in the future.
Jun-15 C&G Fibre Steve Found course very helpful and informative. Excellent venue and staff, in particular Steve. Will be back in near future, possibly AOTDR.
Jun-15 C&G Fibre Steve Enjoyed course.
Jun-15 C&G Fibre Steve I have been on a number of courses and this course has by far exceeded those on everything. Impressed by the following amongst other things : Steve the tutor – his delivery of information was excellent and an easy person to warm to ; the warm welcome every day from all members of staff ; the lunches and refreshments were superb and a nice touch. I would definitely recommend this course to anybody thinking of doing a course you have available.
Jun-15 D-side Steve One of the best courses I have been on in a fantastic area where there are no distractions. All staff are friendly and approachable and the facilities are really good
Jun-15 D-side Steve Well delivered and very helpful and laid back atmosphere.
Apr-15 AOTDR John A very enjoyable course . Well done.
Apr-15 AOTDR John Fantastic course, very interesting and well presented. Broken down and explained in real language that you can understand ( even the little stories used for explanations). Many thanks.
Mar-15 C&G Fibre Steve A superb course !
Feb-15 AOTDR John Excellent all round
Feb-15 AOTDR John John was very helpful and answered all questions
Feb-15 Fibre Intro Dave Bespoke course for us so anything not covered was because we were not sure what we wanted . However the course was very good and Dave gave us contact details for when we think of any questions we may have in retrospect.
Feb-15 Fibre Intro Dave Enjoyable course.
Jan-15 AOTDR John Learnt loads due to being hands off for nearly a year. Can’t be any happier.Thanks.
Jan-15 AOTDR John Excellent training in a relaxed atmosphere.
Jan-15 AOTDR John Exceeded my expecatations and believe me they were high.5 Star .Worth while the trip. Carry on this way ! Thankyou.
Jan-15 AOTDR John Very happy with overall course, great tutor and training. Will be doing more courses in future.
Jan-15 AOTDR John I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for the AOTDR course I have attended this week . John our instructor was quite brilliant on his course. It is one of the best if not the best training environment I have had instruction at. With it being done in a very relaxed atmosphere made it easier to concentrate and to follow the course content. I will be recommending Lucid to all my contents. Also I would like to thank all the stafffor their friendly approach to the trainees-again a great impression, thankyou.
Jan-15 AOTDR John Tutor highly knowledgeable and very clear in explanation. Highly enjoyed the training.Tutor covered the training material in detail but also covered additional material to enhance our knowledge and training.
Jan-15 AOTDR John Very informative , gave the level of understanding I need. John extremely knowledgeable , answered questions very well and has an engaging manner. Very good , ta !
Jan-15 C&G Fibre Steve Will definitely recommend Lucid to colleagues.
Jan-15 C&G Fibre Steve The course was explained great and Steve explained things in great detail. Will be coming back to do more courses.Good job done Steve. Thank you.
Jan-15 Fibre Intro John Course was very well presented. Far more informative than expected and held attention well.
Jan-15 Fibre Intro John No information available prior to course. *Information supplied to the manager who arranged course

Course comments from 2014

Date Course Trainer Comments from course report forms
Dec-14 Adv OTDR John Great – tailored to us and John’s depth of knowledge is never-ending.
Dec-14 Adv OTDR John The course really helped me understand our testing techniques and why we do them!
Nov-14 C&G Fibre Steve If the weather was fine, I would suggest some outdoor sessions
Nov-14 C&G Fibre Steve Great course, well presented and excellent facilities
Nov-14 C&G Fibre Steve Very informative course taught in an excellent manner
Nov-14 Fibre Intro John I found the course enjoyable and presented at the correct level to all who attended!
Nov-14 Fibre Intro John Well demonstrated course. Very informative
Nov-14 Fibre Intro John Really enjoyable course and felt very involved and the information presented was very helpful
Nov-14 Fibre Intro John V. interesting and clearly explained. I found it a very useful intro & enjoyable
Nov-14 Fibre Overview John Excellent-very useful.
Nov-14 Fibre Overview John The course was very informative and structured very well to the person not very familiar to fibre optic products.
Nov-14 Fibre Overview John The course was ideal for first intro to fibre.
Nov-14 Fibre Overview John Very enjoyable training and tutor’s knowledge has been a great benefit. Thank you.
Oct-14 C&G copper Steve Many thanks to you, Steve and all the team for a terrific course which I have already put to good use and benefit.
Oct-14 C&G copper Steve Steve is an excellent teacher
Oct-14 C&G copper Steve Very much enjoyed the course-instructor was competent, relaxed and encouraging. Many thanks.
Oct-14 C&G copper Steve Overall an easy and fast learning pace with all knowledge absorbed. Would want this teacher every time.
Oct-14 C&G copper Steve Very good course. I knew little about copper before I started this week and was doubtful I’d pass. I passed because my trainer was patient and helpful. I would recommend the course and hope I can be kept up to date with other courses in the future.
Oct-14 C&G Fibre Steve I was a little bit worried at the start of the course and was glad after speaking to yourselves that you suggested I stay and I am glad I did because I really enjoyed the rest of the course. Thankyou.
Oct-14 C&G Fibre Steve Excellent course. Very well organised. Every staff member a credit to your organisation.
Oct-14 C&G Fibre Steve Really enjoyed the course, the training Steve delivered was excellent. Thankyou ! Training facilities were excellent. Would highly recommend this training facility to anyone in the future.
Oct-14 C&G Fibre Steve I really enjoyed the practical experience I had during the course
Oct-14 C&G Fibre Steve Very good, Steve was very helpful. Thanks
Oct-14 C&G Fibre Steve Very impressed. Good knowledge taken away.
Oct-14 Laser safety John This was a well presented and enjpyable course
Oct-14 PMD+OTDR John Very good class
Oct-14 PMD+OTDR John John is an excellent trainer and extremely knowledgeable. I feel my understanding of the course from the start has really come on especially PMD and CD. Thank you. Look forward to future courses.
Sep-14 C&G Fibre Steve Could not have asked for more from the course. Venue is perfect and Steve Dobson our trainer was very knowledgeable and very helpful which made for a very enjoyable course. Food was lovely and all the other staff were very welcoming so thank you.
Jul-14 C&G Fibre Steve Very enjoyable course with a great atmosphere and excellent range of tools and equipment to use.
Jul-14 C&G Fibre Steve Very good Thanks very much. Enjoyable, clear, entertaining, and above all else, successful.
Jul-14 C&G Fibre Steve The course was presented excellently and staff are all very helpful. Thankyou for your time and effort.
Jul-14 C&G Fibre Steve Excellent course well presented.
Jul-14 C&G Fibre Steve Very good course. Good lecturer.
Jun-14 Copper foundation Informative course with clear instruction.
Jun-14 Copper foundation Teaching was very informative and easy to digest.
Jun-14 Copper foundation Poor visual aids for the instructor to use (projector etc)
Jun-14 OTDR & PMD John Very good course
Jun-14 OTDR & PMD John Excellent courses – met all my expectations and requirements.
Jun-14 OTDR & PMD John Thoroughly enjoyable course, great presentation. Made everything very clear & understandable. Good to get hands-on experience with the equipment.
Jun-14 OTDR & PMD John This was a complicated subject made very understandable by an excellent tutor and very good material.
May-14 C&G Fibre Steve Friendly atmosphere, good demonstrative items & equipment available. I would recommend in future to colleagues. Steve was very good at explaining the subject and providing examples to help in this. The homework questions enabled us to prepare for tests.
May-14 C&G Fibre Steve Staff very very professional. Thanks.
May-14 C&G Fibre Steve The classroom gets a bit stuffy…fresh air from a window would be nice
May-14 C&G Fibre Steve Problems getting on to the C&G website were very frustrating on took 30 minutes to get on. Friday I logged on without problems. *Problem was with central City & Guilds server.
May-14 C&G Fibre Steve Computer problems when doing on line tests. *Problem was with central City & Guilds server.
May-14 Laser Safety John We have used Lucid before over many years. The quality of their training material has always been the benchmark standard.
Mar-14 Adv OTDR John On several occasions there were tangents and distractions that I feel slowed the course down. The purpose of these discussions was to help other delegates get their heads round a tricky subject.
Mar-14 Adv OTDR John Would like an electronic copy of notes or equivalent for reference when offshore as hard copy notes aren’t practical. *We are investigating options for copyright protection on electronic media..
Mar-14 C&G Fibre Steve Pre course and during  course admin was excellent from start to finish. The course content was as expected and very informative. Thanks and I will be back. Also your name will be passed on to all my colleagues and recommended highly. (John needs to improve his jokes)
Mar-14 C&G Fibre Steve I am very happy with the course. The tutor answered all questions, also explained all very well.All the staff are very good. Thank you !
Mar-14 C&G Fibre Steve Very interesting course in a beautiful part of the world. Trainer excellent and all the staff here were friendly and welcoming. Good tea breaks and felt well looked after. Many thanks to everyone…enjoyable week .Hope to see youall again.
Mar-14 C&G Fibre Steve I’m very happy with the course. The tutor answered my questions. Also explain very good. All staff is very good. Thank you!
Feb-14 Adv OTDR John Great Course Fantastic teacher
Feb-14 Adv OTDR John Tutor may want to familiarise with company setup. Equipment, systems and connectors. *Tutor would love to, but it is not practically possible due to additional cost and security implications.
Feb-14 C&G Fibre Steve Very helpful and easy to understand
Feb-14 C&G Fibre Steve Thanks for everything. Really enjoyed my time here. The people are fantastic and the food was excellent.
Feb-14 C&G Fibre Steve Admin was excellent and course presentation was again superb
Feb-14 Fibre Overview John Excellent course
Feb-14 Fibre Overview John A very helpful and informative course by an expert
Feb-14 Fibre Overview John Better background than expected. Much better than I expected. Very good course Manual
Feb-14 Fibre Overview John Could have been better not to have spent too much time on cleaning *The manager who booked this course specifically requested cleaning of connectors as a high-priority area.

Course comments from 2013

Date Course code Trainer Comments from course report forms
Dec-13 Advanced OTDR (public) John Would be beneficial to include some additional elements to the training such as TDR techniques & some material pertaining to Exfo product line. This could be integrated into future training into 2014   Comment refers to a series of planned company specific courses
Dec-13 Laser safety John Much better than I expected. Very good course manual
Dec-13 Laser safety John Would be beneficial to include some additional elements to the training such as TDR techniques of some material pertaining to EXFO product time. This could be integrated into future training into 2014.
Nov-13 C&G Fibre Steve Very good course. Well presented by Steve.Was a bit unsure about it at first but enjoyed it overall. Would recommend it
Nov-13 C&G Fibre Steve Excellent course. Excellent tutor
Nov-13 C&G Fibre Steve Course and tutor were excellent
Nov-13 C&G Fibre Steve Very useful course, well presented and excellent knowledge of the subject by Steve
Nov-13 Insertion loss John Very informative and well presented.
Nov-13 Insertion loss John Very good informative course. Will be a good indication of what this testing entails ie prep work and testing.
Oct-13 C&G Fibre Steve The course was very good. This course was much needed in my line of work. Excellent
Oct-13 C&G Fibre Steve Enjoyable course,relaxed environment, knowledgeable tutor and time to ask questions
Oct-13 C&G Fibre Steve Course was very well presented with plenty of time to get hand on experience. Steve got the course across very well and obviously has a depth of knowledge of fibre installation/testing.
Oct-13 CAT 7 Steve & John Thank you so much for making the course fun , enjoyable and informative and helping us to meet our course objectives. Excellent !
Oct-13 CAT 7 Steve & John Excellent course. We came with a very vague outline of what we wanted to cover and the trainers adapted to meet our needs completely . I would be very interested in coming back to to do the 5 day fibre course in future.
Oct-13 Copper, OTDR & Spectrum Analyser Steve & John Very knowledgeable tutor, job well done. We will be back.
Sep-13 C&G Fibre Steve Very good course,very clear and helpful
Sep-13 C&G Fibre Steve I really enjoyed the course . Thank you
Sep-13 C&G Fibre Steve A very good course , well presented
Sep-13 C&G Fibre Steve Tutor very knowledgeable and helpful. Location and facilities excellent. Thank you
Sep-13 C&G Fibre Steve Excellent course. Very technical. Great course delivery.
Aug-13 C&G Fibre Steve Tutor very helpful and course laid out in an easy to pick up way
Aug-13 C&G Fibre Steve Steve was a very good tutor and gave a great course. Many thanks
Aug-13 C&G Fibre Steve Course delivered very well by tutor. A lot of essential knowledge agined and very well presented
Jul-13 C&G Fibre Steve Keep up the good work !
Jul-13 C&G Fibre Steve Trainer was also observant on individuals progress and assisted accordingly.Priority was aslo placed on what we are to do in the future.
Jul-13 C&G Fibre Steve More hands on please.
Jul-13 C&G Fibre Steve Excellent course and tutor.Suggest include ideas of hazards that occurr to instill a stronger sense of caution to students. Can be animated with photos etc.
Jul-13 C&G Fibre Steve Very good interesting course that was well delivered
Jul-13 C&G Fibre Steve Very enjoyable course that was presented in a relaxed and informal way which was a lot more helpful than regurgitated facts .Brilliant !
Jun-13 AOTDR John Everything was good and I hope to be back here to attend more courses and to optimise my knowledge.
Jun-13 AOTDR John The instructor was the best man to train the equipment and testing system by miles ! It was a very happy time for me !
Jun-13 AOTDR John This was excellent training and I am glad to have been here and learnt so much about the subject.
Jun-13 C&G Fibre Steve Good course , very useful. Good tutor. Will look forward to my next course with you. Thank you.
Jun-13 C&G Fibre Steve Had assumed course was being held in a training centre and not at a company. Would have been useful to have some information on local transport links.
Jun-13 C&G Fibre Steve Excellent environment. Very knowledgeable. Great course.
Jun-13 C&G Fibre Steve Well presented. Lots of information given and good practical demos and lots of chances to do it yourself.
May-13 C&G Fibre Steve Thoroughly enjoyable
May-13 C&G Fibre Steve Steve deserves a pay rise !
May-13 C&G Fibre Steve Very useful and informative course
Apr-13 AOTDR John Course was very informative and I feel that I have gained some very useful knowledge
Apr-13 AOTDR John Very good course
Apr-13 AOTDR John Very informative and useful. Would recommend it .
Apr-13 C&G Copper Dave Great course. Very helpful and friendly environment. Very knowledgeable tutor
Mar-13 Laser safety John Informal and very informative, never too rushed.
Mar-13 Laser safety John Good course with the right depth and breadth.
Mar-13 Laser safety John Very knowledgeable
Feb-13 Umbilical Steve Would like to have seen more information on umbilical EL/FO connections
Feb-13 Umbilical Steve Very good course. Would definitely recommend.

Course comments from 2012

Date Course Trainer Comments from course report forms
Dec-12 Laser safety John Good course well presented
Dec-12 Laser safety John Electronic version of manual would be useful to take on site.
Dec-12 Laser safety John Very interesting and informative
Dec-12 Laser safety John The course was perfect time for it’s content-not too long winded.
Dec-12 Laser safety John If any hands on learning could be introduced to the course it would be beneficial.
Dec-12 Laser safety John Good course. Clearly showed the need for laser safety training.
Dec-12 Laser safety John Course content just right for understanding hazards, risks and processof setting up for lasers on site.excellent description of acronyms, demystifying some parts of the standard. Many thanks John.
Dec-12 Laser safety John Very informative and enjoyable. Thank you
Dec-12 Laser safety John An excellent, informative , interesting and enjoyable course. Many thanks !
Dec-12 Umbilical Steve Would like to see how to strip a subsea umbilical to know the best way to perform the test
Dec-12 Umbilical Steve Good course. Nice , friendly instructor.
Dec-12 Umbilical Steve Perhaps note the relevant page number of the book on the slide during the presentation.
Dec-12 Umbilical Steve Well run course. Instructor very helpful/good.
Nov-12 Umbilical Dave Would like more time on course- 7-10 days maybe.
Nov-12 Umbilical Dave Course start was very in depth however it was well presented and all came clear in the end.
Nov-12 Umbilical Dave Very good lecturer.
Nov-12 Umbilical Dave Was not expecting this at all. I thought I knew a bit about fibre optics but I didn’t ! Dave was an excellent tutor and I believe got the best from all pupils on the course with his style of teaching. I really enjoyed it.
Oct-12 AOTDR John Excellent course. Really informative and enjoyable.
Oct-12 C&G Fibre Dave Found the course well presented and relaxed, so easy to take information onboard.
Oct-12 Umbilical Steve Steve is very personable and easy to listen to.
Oct-12 Umbilical Steve Only comment or slight criticism was that it could have been slightly more oil and gas specific. Overall the course was good and delivered in a very good manner by an extremeely good instructor.
Oct-12 Umbilical Steve Thought that the TDR was more suited to comms than our application. Overall good course, well structured.
Sep-12 Copper, OTDR & OSA Steve & John Very knowledgeable tutor, job well done. We will be back.
Aug-12 CofK John An excellent fast paced course . Knowledgeable tutor with excellent skills.Feel much more confident about electromagnetic scale.
Aug-12 CofK John Really knowledgeable course. Will help me to teach in the future. Thank you.
Jun-12 Cable Testing Steve Very helpful and enjoyable course. Steve was friendly and informative.
Jun-12 Cable Testing Steve Very good course , not rushed and hands on testing. Well done Steve !
Jun-12 Cable Testing Steve Very helpful and interesting course. This will help us out carrying out our day jobs . Instructor was very helpful and explained all topics in a manner that we could all understand. I would have liked to see a section covering how to test/prove ADSL circuits but this may be covered in a different course. Overall all very good and would advise others to attend course or use Lucid training centre.
Jun-12 Cable Testing Steve I found the instructor very knowledgeable and helpful with the course and other issues not related to this course.
May-12 C&G Copper Dave Perfect !
May-12 C&G Copper Dave It enlightened me to the career in telecoms.
May-12 C&G Copper Steve Steve deserves a pay rise. Very good course with plenty of knowledge by the tutor
May-12 C&G Copper Steve Steve presented the course in a very clear and informative way.I found the course very helpful and reached my expectations
May-12 PMD&CD John A very comprehensive course with a very knowledgeable trainer. Environment was conducive to the highest standard of learning. Will be recommending Lucid to just about everyone I come into contact with. Excellent.
Apr-12 AOTDR John Course could have been longer. Seem to have run out of time.Not enough time to go over parameter settings.Would have liked more hands on-only tested one fibre drum.Some parts were glossed over. Some info was old. Was expecting more up to date information. *unfortunately, time is rather tight on a 2-day course. We’d happily spend much longer, but sadly customers’ budgets does not allow for this.
Apr-12 AOTDR John Very good course / facilities /trainer. Many thanks !
Apr-12 AOTDR John The offering of future technical support is very helpful.
Apr-12 C&G Fibre Dave Very enjoyable course. Good staff, very friendly
Apr-12 C&G Fibre Steve A very good tutor.Everyone helpful and explained everything in detail.
Apr-12 C&G Fibre Steve Good instructor. Good course. Cood venue and location. Would take another Lucid course
Apr-12 C&G Fibre Steve Excellent instructor. Knowledgeable and vey approachable.
Apr-12 C&G Fibre Steve Excellent !
Mar-12 C&G Copper Steve Very well taught and explained,good use of slides and practical tutorials. Maybe get to choose what gets ordered food wise next day to avoid waste.
Mar-12 C&G Copper Steve All questions been answered clearly . Very enjoyable training. Thanks Steve !
Mar-12 C&G Fibre Dave Great course. Very knowledgeable trainer. Thanks Dave !
Mar-12 C&G Fibre Dave Some more insight into blown fibre techniquers and a bit of physical planning theory may be useful. Great course. Highly recommended.
Mar-12 C&G Fibre Dave Would be interested in AOTDR testing and fibre characterisation. Excellent trainer, very knowledgeable and good fun. Would recommend highly
Feb-12 C&G Fibre Steve How course links into FIA accreditisation.
Feb-12 C&G Fibre Steve Excellent course. Thank you.
Feb-12 C&G Fibre Steve Would have liked more hands on splicing
Feb-12 PMD&CD John John was very good and helpful. Knows his profession
Feb-12 PMD&CD John Very good course. Quite intensive in 2 days but very good.Information on the subject very good and the handout is good to take away.All staff very friendly and helpful.
Jan-12 PMD&CD John Course was very informative , delivered well and interesting.
Jan-12 PMD&CD John Course extremely informative. Excellent sample test equipment. All test scenarios emulated and described in detail.All topics covered and tutor extremely knowledgeable. Thanks John.

Course comments from 2011

Date Course Trainer Comments from course report forms
Nov-11 C&G Fibre Dave I love the simplicity in Lucid Training Centre. The warm reception of the people is really worthy of emulation. Having electronic copy of the course material will actually be helpful to students.
Nov-11 C&G Fibre Dave Dave was an excellent tutor, very helpful and extrmely friendly. He created a fantastic atmosphere and utilised practical examples to teach relatively difficult technical material to a group of people with little prior knowledge of the subject matter. Thanks very much !
Nov-11 C&G Fibre Dave A little bit more time spent on the hands on parts of the course would have been good.
Nov-11 C&G Fibre Dave Would be good to have information on sources, components etc.on costs , uses etc Would be very good to get a career progression ie what jobs require what qualifications , experience etc.- where next type question.
Oct-11 C&G Copper Steve Course and trainer was excellent
Oct-11 C&G Copper Steve I enjoyed the course and found it very interesting learning new disciplines in cable structuring.
Oct-11 C&G Copper Steve Vey good course with easy to learn lessons and books. Tutor described all aspects very well.
Oct-11 C&G Copper Steve Excellent course ,very well tutored. Thankyou.
Oct-11 C&G Copper Steve Really enjoyed the course !
Oct-11 C&G Copper Steve Very well tutored . Highly recommended.
Jul-11 C&G Fibre Dave Personally I thought that there was too much to digest in the week-long course to remember properly . I would have preferred it at night school for example
Jul-11 C&G Fibre Dave Excellent ! Thanks Dave
Jul-11 C&G Fibre Dave Quality. Thankyou !
Jul-11 C&G Fibre Dave Good course , well put across and well explained. Maybe a little more practical ?
Jul-11 C&G Fibre Steve The course was very informative with excellent instructional technique. The facilities and equipment was excellent and lunches were very tasty.
Jun-11 AOTDR John Was made to feel at ease and information made simpler to absorb.Really enjoyed the course and expecting to return to complete extra courses.
Jun-11 AOTDR John John was excellent in his approach, easy to learn from.I am very happy in what I have learned giving me more confidence when testing.
Jun-11 C&G Copper Steve Just to say thank you and found it very good
May-11 C&G Fibre Dave I would rcommend this course to anyone in the future. When I started I had no idea about fibre optics. That is amazing how simple way I got explainedhow the fibre optics works.
May-11 C&G Fibre Dave Excellent !
Mar-11 AOTDR John Excellent course. Very knowledgeable tutor.
Mar-11 AOTDR John Excellent trainer and very pleased with what we laerned in the three days. Brought our own OTDR and this was demonstrated.
Mar-11 C&G Copper Dave Enjoyed course-very informative and explained very well as I had no previous experience.
Mar-11 C&G Copper Dave Good course
Mar-11 C&G Fibre Steve Well run course
Mar-11 C&G Fibre Steve Very good course.Steve excellent trainer
Mar-11 C&G Fibre Steve Excellent location. Highly recommended. Tutor very good
Mar-11 C&G Fibre Steve Tutor very knowledgeable.Handbook excellent. Venue brilliant. Test lab/garage came in useful.
Mar-11 C&G Fibre Steve Course very good . I have come away with a lot of valuable skills and confidence in fibre maintenance/installation.
Feb-11 C&G Fibre Steve Very good course
Feb-11 C&G Fibre Steve Steve was always very friendly and was always willing to help
Feb-11 C&G Fibre Steve Really informative course and tutor very knowledgeable and helpful
Feb-11 C&G Fibre Steve Found this course to be the most enjoyable , thorough and interactive and found every element of the course relevant to my current role.found Steve to be extremely approachable and helpful and would look to other courses by Lucid.
Feb-11 C&G Fibre Steve Colour scheme on powerpoint hurt my eyes. Loved it though !  *powerpoint colour scheme has been updated…
Feb-11 C&G Fibre Steve Steve is an excellent trainer. Answered all questions and gave good examples.
Feb-11 C&G Fibre Steve Excellent venue. Realxed atmosphere. Also had a great lunch every day ! Thank you all !
Jan-11 C&G Fibre Dave Excellent course-very useful
Jan-11 C&G Fibre Dave Excellent course with excellen trainer-very useful
Jan-11 C&G Fibre Steve Steve delivered the course effectively. I will give feedback to our training team and recommend the Lucid courses to be used more in the future.
Jan-11 C&G Fibre Steve Steve as very helpful and knowledgeable,made learning structured and simple. I would recommend him for courses in future.
Jan-11 C&G Fibre Steve Course manual was long winded but helpful

Course comments from 2010

Date Course Trainer Comments from course report forms
Oct – Sept Copper, OTDR & Spectrum Analyser Steve & John Very knowledgeable tutor, job well done. We will be back.
Sept 2010 C&G fibre Steve Very satisfied with manual and methods of presentation and guidance. Very pleased with tutor’s patient and clear instructions. Good quality equipment looked after correctly. Support food & breaks very thoughtful of diet & variety.
Sept 2010 C&G fibre Steve Steve was very knowledgable about this subject and his teaching of it was excellent. I felt more than prepatred for the exams and enjoyed the practical areas. Thank you to everybody else at Lucid for being so accomodating, polite, and for making the course a pleasure.
Sept 2010 C&G fibre Steve Excellent course, well structured and delivered by knowledgeable tutor! Pace of course spot on, venure and facilities 1st class. Will be trying hard to convince my employers more training would benefit me, or I’ll willingly pay myself if need be. Many thanks.
Sept 2010 C&G fibre Steve Excellent course, well designed & presented. Great setting , very peaceful. Hospitality and catering first class. Looking forward to join you again in October for Copper & Datacoms course. Would recommend Lucid to other interested parties.
Sept 2010 Laser Safety John Thank you for arranging this course at such short notice. Well presented, good pace and JC made a dry subject interesting!!
Sept 2010 Laser Safety John A very useful, informative & entertaining course – well done!!
Sept 2010 Laser Safety John Very good course, well informed.
Sept 2010 Laser Safety John Very useful and insightfull day.
Sept 2010 C&G fibre Dave Good course very well presented.
Sept 2010 C&G fibre Dave Good detailed course, very helpful tutor.
Sept 2010 C&G fibre Dave Dave was Excellent. Great guy, great teacher. Thanks.
Sept 2010 C&G fibre Dave Great Stuff. Cheers.
Sept 2010 C&G fibre Dave Course was more in depth than expected, covered more telecoms than I would have thought. Expected Mil/Aerospace but info given surpassed this. Cheers:)
July-2010 C&G fibre Dave Excellent course, money well spent.
July-2010 C&G fibre Dave The course was very professional. Was excellent really enjoyed it. Tutor was excellent.
July-2010 C&G fibre Dave Very informative course will definitely return for other courses.
July-2010 C&G fibre Dave Ta very much!
July-2010 Laser Safety John Course was very informative and should be useful in day to day operations.
July-2010 PAT Testing Geoff Detailed tuition and very clever teacher.
July-2010 Laser Safety John Very good course. Thanks.
July-2010 Laser Safety John Very informative.
July-2010 Laser Safety John Very informative. Thank you.
Jun-2010 Special Dave & John Course was well presented – excellent tutors, training and materials
Jun-2010 Special Dave & John Course was presented at a high level. I found the course very advantageous and will recomend to my company/boss for further trainees etc.
Jun-2010 Special Dave & John Excellent course. Good training methods by all tutors.
Jun-2010 3666 Dave Course was presented at a high level. I found the course very advantageous and will recommend it to my company, for further trainees to attend.
Jun-2010 3666 Dave Course was well presented, excellent tutors, training and material.
Jun-2010 3666 Dave Excellent Course.
Jun-2010 Fibre Optics Steve Thankyou very much.Steve Dobson a very good trainer.
May-2010 3666 Dave Tutor made us feel comfortable and course enjoyable.
May-2010 3666 Dave The info we received on the course was very helpful. we were able to make any enquiries we needed to know and Dave was able to answer everything we needed to know.
May-2010 Laser/IPL John Tutor was very helpful and explanations were very good, I understand the way John explained about the frequency and laser light – Very good John. Thank you…
April-2010 Fibre Intro Dave Instructor was very helpful and fully conversant with the material. Very good as an introduction to fibre optics.
April-2010 Fibre Intro Dave Well presented course. Equipment was well explained and demonstrated. General knowledge on subject much higher.
April-2010 Fibre Intro Dave The instructor was very knowledeable and ran a very interesting course.
April-2010 Fibre Intro John Excellent course. Very detailed.
April-2010 Fibre Intro John Excellent course. Well presented.
April-2010 Fibre Intro John Very useful and informative.
March 2010 Special John&Steve Excellent and very informative course.Tailored to our needs on a daily basis.
March 2010 Special John&Steve Excellent course from Lucid and delivered by John and Steve.All Lucid staff were extremely helpful throughout the course.
March-2010 Laser Safety John Very knowledgable on subject & good presentation
March-2010 Laser Safety John Very well presented & trainer well qualified
March-2010 Laser Safety John The course was very well presented & illustrated
March-2010 Laser Safety John Enjoyed very much, excellent delivery and very informative and useful documentation.
March-2010 Laser Safety John A thorough, valuable course provided well by provider.
March-2010 Laser Safety John Excellent.
Feb-2010 3666 fibre Dave Very enjoyable and productive.
Feb-2010 3666 fibre Dave Interesting & Fantastic, especially the practical sessions.
Feb-2010 3666 fibre Dave Excellent course.
Feb-2010 Laser Safety John Excellent course and friendly atmosphere. Extremely helpful.
Feb-2010 Laser Safety John Very enjoyable and relaxed atmosphere. Excellent presentations and course content.
Feb-2010 3666 copper Steve Excellent course – well informed and knowledgable tutor. Thank you very much.
Feb-2010 3666 copper Steve Excellent training. Things were made clear and easy to learn. Didn’t expect to pick [up] so much but I did.
Feb-2010 3666 copper Steve Very well instructed. Very clear & very helpful. Thank you!
Feb-2010 3666 copper Steve Content and deleivery of the course was excellent.
Feb-2010 3666 copper Steve Very clear course and excellent training. Thanks.
Feb-2010 3666 copper Steve Brilliant course, well presented, perfect pace.
Jan-2010 Laser/IPL Mike Very Good. Thanks.

Course comments from 2009

Date Course Trainer Comments from course report forms
Dec-09 3666 Dave Excellent course, thoroughly enjoyable
Nov-09 3666 Steve Excellent course more than fulfilled my expectations prior to completing. Tutor was very experienced and answered all my questions in full. I will definitely use the knowledge I have gained in my job All staff a Lucid were very friendly and food was great.
Nov-09 3666 Steve Excellent course. All elements that I required were covered in great depth by a very knowledgeable tutor. On enquiry about the course response was very quick and informative
Nov-09 3666 Steve Excellent course, well presented, good atmosphere.
Nov-09 3666 Steve Good course, well presented.
Nov-09 3666 Dave I found this course very helpful and would recommend it to others.
Nov-09 3666 Dave An excellent course delivered in a way that made the course entertaining.
Nov-09 3666 Dave Very informative course, would like to do similar modules.
Nov-09 3666 Dave Would like to attend more courses to potentially achieve diploma. Great thanks.
Nov-09 3666 Dave Very enjoyable course, well presented and helpful, found informal instruction very interesting.
Nov-09 3666 Steve Overall an excellent course.
Nov-09 3666 Steve Excellent course and tutor.
Nov-09 Laser/IPL Mike Informative and helpful.
Nov-09 Laser/IPL Mike While the information was good, I would have liked the information to concern what specifications I needed i.e. lasers that remove tatoos.[Ed. Whilst we do provide some general information, this laser/IPL ‘Core of Knowledge’ course is a safety course and not designed to provide specifications for specific laser treatments.]
Nov-09 Laser/IPL Mike Would have liked “Core of Knowledge” Laser/IPL safety course manual before the study [training] day.
Oct-09 3666 Dave Course was excellent and fun, very well presented.
Oct-09 3666 Dave Very good tutor, explained himself very clearly.
Oct-09 3666 Steve The atmosphere was friendly and comfortable, tea & lunch breaks could be shorter to cut the day down. Overall, well recommended.
Oct-09 3666 Steve Very well tutored and presented, great location. Many thanks.
Oct-09 LED safety Geoff Very interesting content well presented. Dynamic and entertaining.
Oct-09 LED safety Geoff More examples of calculations to get a feel for what is dangerous
Oct-09 LED safety Geoff A little more patience when answering questions – sometimes tutor jumped in with answers… [Ed. Geoff has taken note of this, but in his defence time was very limited on this course so he was under pressure to fit everything in]
Oct-09 3666 Steve The course was well presented and all aspects of fibre optics were covered.
Oct-09 3666 Steve Suggest better lighting, both in classroom and work area, and magnifying viewers to work handsfree would be useful. Quite hard to see at times.
Oct-09 3666 Steve Very interesting and enjoyable course, thank you.
Sept-09 OTDR John Having only previously attended internal [large UK telecoms] company courses this has definitely been the most informative and well presented. Thank you. Very Happy. Very Pleased. Thank You.
Sept-09 OTDR John Great setting, excellent facility & staff (very friendly & helpful).
Sept-09 OTDR John Very enjoyable & relaxed training & still able to learn the subject.
Sept-09 PAT testing Geoff Very good course. Thanks.
Sept-09 PAT testing Geoff Great course. Could not have done it without you all , especially David & Geoff.
Sept-09 3666 Steve A very enjoyable yet productive course.
Sept-09 3666 Steve I’m very pleased with all the materieals and the way it was presented on the course. I would come back to do more training in the future. Thank you.
Sept-09 3666 Steve A very enjoyable and well presented course.
Sept-09 3666 Steve Very professional in every way, thanks.
Aug-09 Laser safety Geoff Pretty good course. Best I’ve been to. Very useful for us because it allowed us to work through examples based upon what we use.
Aug-09 Laser safety Geoff The course manual is very good, clear and useful.
Aug-09 Laser/IPL Mike Clear & concise. A lot to learn, very important for training & gaining experience following this introduction course today.
Aug-09 Laser/IPL Mike Book [course manual] very in depth.
July-09 3666 Steve Excellent course, very well run. A perfect venue. Lucid training center is perfect.
July-09 3666 Steve The course was very well run, and would come back for future courses.
July-09 3666 Steve Excellent course, very informative and a relaxed atmosphere, place was very good.
Jun-09 Adv. Fibre John Avery helpful course, just what we needed. I am very happy to manage and support our DWDM system. Thanks very much, excellent.
Jun-09 Adv. Fibre John Very helpful & well conducted course, many thanks.
Jun-09 PAT testing Geoff Excellent!
Jun-09 3666 Dave Excellent Course.
May-09 3666 Steve It was a really enjoyable course with just the right mix of theory and practical work to keep it fun and interesting
May-09 3666 Steve Enjoyed the course very much, being of little knowledge of the course I was very wary but the tutor was extremely helpful. I am glad I came
May-09 Fibre Intro Dave Would like to know more about POF.
May-09 Adv Fibre John Analogies used were very good and helpful.
May-09 Adv Fibre John Very useful course – will take me a while to digest all of the information received!
May-09 Adv Fibre John I would have appreciated some sharing of John’s real life experiences within the industry. A short section on cable installation techniques & testing. Otherwise Great Course!!!
May-09 Adv Fibre John Very knowledgable tutor.
May-09 Adv Fibre John The course was extremely informative in the why’s, how’s of fibre optics and associated systems. The course contained a lot of detailed information and think possibly might be more effective if run as a 3-day course. [Ed. client had insisted on 2-day event max] Although excellent handbook will no doubt be able to fill in the gaps.
May-09 Laser/IPL Mike Very useful and has direct application to my clinical practice endevours in laser therapy. Thanks.
May-09 Laser/IPL Mike I would like to thank Mike for taking the time to make it easier to understand..
May-09 Laser/IPL Mike Perfect. It was a real pleasure to have that time with Mike – accessible and nice. Thank you so much!
Apr-09 Laser safety John Course was very informative and put across very well by the instructor, John Colton.
Apr-09 Laser safety John As always – great course.
Apr-09 3666 Steve Course was conducted in a professional manner while still being a relaxed environment, I nstructor was very knowledgeable and all questions were answered with indepth explanations.
Apr-09 3666 Steve A very well presented and constructed course, instructor was very knowlegeable and put the lessons across at an understandable level.
Apr-09 Adv. Fibre John Excellent course. Well presented. Need more work on your jokes and punns ;-).
Apr-09 Laser/IPL Mike Excellent – really enjoyed. Thanks.
Apr-09 Laser/IPL Mike Module 1 little too long and was a bit repetitive. The course is obviously technical – I wondered, with the greatest of respect, if it is comprehensible to all beauty therapists. Similarly the section on chromophores.[Ed. useful comments, but we adapt delivery and level to reflect the needs and capabilities of trainees on this Laser & IPL Core of Knowledge course]
Apr-09 Adv. fibre John Excellent course. Would recommend to anyone in our industry. Well presented and explained by John.
Apr.09 Adv. fibre John Thank you very much John.
Mar-09 Umbilical Steve Steve put across the training in both layman and expert terms, I found the course to be infomative and educational on both practical and theoretical terms.
Mar-09 Umbilical Steve Course presented clearly and positively.
Mar-09 Umbilical Steve Going through the copper cable part a little slower would be more helpful.
Mar-09 Copper Dave I really enjoyed leraning about structured cabling, I enjoyed the practical parts.
Mar-09 Copper Dave Excellent.
Mar-09 Copper Dave It was all good.
Mar-09 Copper Dave I enjoyed all the information given, also learning a lot at the same time.
Mar-09 Laser Safety John Very insightful course, and presented well.
Mar-09 Laser Safety John Well run, subject matter made interesting and well presented.
Mar-09 Laser Safety John Possibly too “in depth” for our day to day operations, but obviously this level of depth may be required from a health and safety perspective.
Mar-09 Laser Safety John Good Course.
Feb-09 Umbilical Dave Very enjoyable course, well presented.
Feb-09 Umbilical Dave The course was very educational, it may have seemed a bit intensive at the beginning, but as the course progressed everything slotted into place. A good course to attend.
Feb-09 Umbilical Dave Personally would have prefered more time using the OTDR equipment, as have had no previous experience.
Feb-09 Umbilical Dave Very good course.
Feb-09 Umbilical Dave Enjoyable & Informative.
Feb-09 Copper Cabling Dave Thought the course was presented well
Jan-09 OTDR & CD & PMD John Very good courses. Enjoyed the 5 days. John explained himself well with some good analogies.
Jan-09 OTDR & CD & PMD John Excellent course.
Jan-09 OTDR & CD & PMD John Enjoyable course.

Course comments from 2008

Date Course Trainer Comments from course report forms
Dec-08 OTDR John Every part of the course was exceptional
Dec-08 OTDR John The venue was very comfortable and hospitable. Would recommend and come back for more training. The instructor was very helpful, his explanations were excellent. Food was good.
Dec-08 3666 Steve Excellent course and trainer, excellent support documentation
Dec-08 3666 Steve On site accomodation would be helpful. Other than that the course was very good.
Dec-08 3666 Steve Very good course. I would have liked to heat shrink an external enclosure on a network. Excellent location, good facilities, and a lovely cup of tea.
Nov-08 Adv Fibre John Course tutor very knowledgeable, got over details and examples in terms easy to understand, as there was a lot of information and technical terms to take in, in a short time.
Nov-08 Adv Fibre John Great tutor, informal and easy to understand. Very effective booklet which was explained effectively by the tutor.Enjoyed the course, great practicals.
Nov-08 3666 Steve Steve is a very good instructor.
Nov-08 CD & PMD John V. good course, well presented.
Nov-08 CD & PMD John Very good cse.
Nov-08 CD & PMD John Very enjoyable. Interesting.
Oct-08 Laser/IPL Mike Relaxed & friendly training course.
Oct-08 3666 Steve Excellent course.
Oct-08 3666 Steve A very enjoyable course. It will benefit me and my company, especially as we do have a major internal cable infrastructure build in the near future. Excellent,
Oct-08 CD & PMD John A mots excellent course. Very interesting and explained fully in a relaxed atmosphere. The course was excellent. I now understand the concept of PMD and CD. Much, much better than trying to learn from just a book.
Oct-08 CD & PMD John Excellent course – knowledgable tutor.
Oct-08 Cat 6 intro Steve Very good all around, thanks.
Sept-08 3666 Steve Course was very good, useful
Sept-08 3666 Steve Well presented, and tutors and staff had time to explain content very well, all in all very knowledgable of content.
Sept-08 3666 Steve Would be interested to learn of a course on network design, particularly how to determine the design of a network to meet the requirements of the applications/systems to be applied.
Sept-08 3666 Steve A well run course in a relaxing environment.
Sept-08 3666 Dave When all the equipment was out being demonstrated, and we were doing the splice trays, the classroom became a bit cramped. More table space would have been convenient. All in all a good informative course, especially considering I had zero experience in the field.
Jul-08 Laser safety John A very informative course.
Jul-08 3666 Dave Thanks to all the staff at Lucid for an excellent course, food and venue. Dave is an excellent tutor who works to the requirement of the students.
Jul-08 3666 Dave Thanks to all the staff for a very enjoyable week.
Jun-08 Laser/IPL Mike Excellent training session.
Jun-08 Laser/IPL Mike Very Good. Good class.
Jun-08 OTDR John Fantastic!! In 26 years in construction the best course I’ve attended.
Jun-08 Laser safety John Very Good!
Jun-08 Laser safety John All I need to know to stay safe.
Jun-08 Laser safety John A good start to understanding the requirements of laser safety.
Jun-08 Laser safety John Excellent.
May-08 Laser/IPL Mike Some repetition but generally excellent and well run course.
May-08 Laser/IPL Mike Great fun. Thanks. Build in time for relaxed chat and division of concepts to reinforce knowledge.
May-08 Laser/IPL Mike Easy and relaxed. Informative.
May-08 Laser/IPL Mike The structure of the day was very good – intense information with much needed regular breaks!
May-08 3666 Steve I’ll be back. No criticisms, the course was both informative and interesting and all the staff very pleasant.
May-08 3666 Steve There was duplication on the first day for fibre & OTDR courses. This could be reduced by providing advanced learning information covering fibre optic fundamentals prior to the course.
May-08 3666 Steve Fantastic course, Excellent training venue, hope to return for copper course. Friendly and helpful staff.
May-08 3666 Steve Could spend more time on DWDM.
May-08 Laser/IPL Mike The course was well conducted, friendly, relaxed and informative. Thank you for your help.
May-08 Laser/IPL Mike Very informative and interesting. Many thanks.
May-08 Laser/IPL Mike Very informative – friendly & also professional. A lot to take in. Very enjoyable – thank you very much.
Apr-08 3666 Steve Thank you for a good course.
Apr-08 3666 Steve I found this course useful, and it was delivered at the right pace, Steve had loads of patience.
Apr-08 3666 Steve Excellent course, thank you very much.
Apr-08 3666 Steve Excellent course, very enjoyable, thanks.
Apr-08 OTDR John Excellent mixture of theoretical & preactical applications.
Feb-08 Laser safety John An excellent and helpful course with clear information and knowledge.
Feb-08 Laser safety John Very informative and enjoyable.

Course comments from 2007

These will now take some digging out, but comments were all good, and will be put here soon!

Date Course Trainer Comments from course report forms
Dec-07 C&G Dave To satisfy the need we are seeing to install networks over longer distances we decided to take this course at Lucid. It satisfied the need exactly and the offer of any further help is greatly appreciated.
Dec-07 C&G Dave Very enjoyable course.
Dec-07 C&G Dave Very helpful in giving and understanding the basics of the subject for better understanding.
Nov-07 DWDM John This was my first photonics course and has served as a very good introduction for me. Concepts were explained very well by trainer, John Colton.
Nov-07 DWDM John Will come back for more.
Nov-07 C&G Dave Easy to find off motorway. Excellent course. Very Informative.
Nov-07 C&G Dave Found the course to be quite intense. The course tutor was very good & very helpful.
Sept-07 Laser safety John Terrible jokes helped! Possibly [want] more training if LSO post is raised.
Sept-07 Laser safety John Excellent course. Cheers John. Thanks for a very informative course.
Sept-07 Laser safety John Well delivered course.
Sept-07 Laser safety John I would like to thank the instructor as I felt he was very informative.
Sept-07 Laser safety John Very well presented and very helpfull.
Sept-07 Laser safety John Very useful for day to day working.
Sept-07 Laser safety John The course was informative and a good refresher.
Sept-07 Laser safety John Useful course.
Sept-07 Laser safety John Very well delivered course.
Jul-07 OTDR John Course was fantastic.
Jun-07 C&G Dave Very good course, good tuition, very enjoyable.
Jun-07 C&G Dave It may pay to create a smokers area to avoid littering etc.
Jun-07 C&G Dave Would like to do another course.
May-07 C&G Steve Everyone at Lucid was very friendly and accommodating.
May-07 C&G Steve Excellent course. Very happy as I had no prior experience in any way.
May-07 C&G Steve Would have liked to have more practical time.
Apr-07 C&G Dave Enjoyed the course by the end. Good instructor gets things across in an understanding way.
Apr-07 C&G Dave The course was excellent. The trainer was very thorough and had the time and patience to go through everything with you. A credit to your company.
Apr-07 C&G Dave Enjoyed the course overall. Tutor was very helpful asnd information on the course was good.
Apr-07 C&G Dave I thought the course was excellent. Dave was an excellent trainer.
Apr-07 CD & PMD John All fine.
Apr-07 CD & PMD John Very good training. We had a trainer who has a very good level for this type of training. It was very very interesting and our trainer was very cool.
Apr-07 CD & PMD John Was very useful for our works.
Apr-07 CD & PMD John John is very good at explaining the course and is very knowledgable about his subject which gives a good teaching environment and puts you at ease.
Apr-07 CD & PMD John Excellent course. Will definitely recommend to others.
Mar-07 C&G Steve Well structured. Good theory to practical ratio. Relaxed atmosphere & staff. More ‘realistic’ than **** [competitor id censored!] courses.
Mar-07 C&G Steve Course was excellent! Steve gave an aura of knowledge & experience without appearing condescending. 5 on the course was also excellent – plenty of opportunity for hands-on experience.
Mar-07 C&G Steve A very well structured and well presented course! Equipment was up to a high standard and there was enough to go around the small group. An enjoyable course!
Mar-07 Fibre intro Dave Excellent venue
Mar-07 C&G Steve I enjoyed the course and content and the pace at which we progressed. There was also a good atmosphere. THANX!
Mar-07 C&G Steve Excellent place for a training centre. Everyone was friendly and really helpful. Excellent tutor, couldn’t have asked for any more.
Mar-07 C&G Steve The course training was pretty nice in fact excellent. The break intervals between lectures helps a lot. Keep it up.
Mar-07 C&G Steve Would like T-shirt with your logo please. Extra-large should do it! Thanx. Very enjoyable.
Mar-07 C&G Steve We will be back “AGAIN”.
Jan-07 C&G Steve Excellent instructor, very knowledgable and varied instruction methods helpedin keeping interest at a max. Thanks.
Jan-07 C&G Steve Thanks very much!
Jan-07 C&G Steve Excellent course well presented in an informal situation. The tuition was superb.

Course comments from 2006

As for 2007 above!

Date Course Trainer Comments from course report forms
May-06 3666 Steve An enjoyable course. Have learnt a lot that will help our students in the future. Very knowledgeable instructor. Thanks.
May-06 3666 Steve I am particularly happy with the closeness of the tutors and concern for every attendant even at individual basis. The Lucid family is a hospitable set up.
May-06 3666 Steve A very enjoyable course with extremely knowledgeable trainers. It has encouraged me to think about further courses in the future.
Apr-06 OTDR Dave Very interesting course and was explained very clearly.
Apr-06 OTDR Dave Limited time for practical
Apr-06 3666 Dave Good course
Apr-06 3666 Dave “This has been the best course I’ve ever had”. I felt that the test was poor. Unhappy with too few technical questions. Feedback on which questions were answered incorrectly would be helpful.
Apr-06 3666 Dave Good content.
Apr-06 3666 Dave The course should be longer to take into account sufficient hands on and test equipment.
Apr-06 3666 Dave Excellent course.
Apr-06 3666 Steve Superb course – just the right level of detail and practical/theory mix. Exactly what I was looking for.
Apr-06 3666 Steve A very well presented and fun course.
Apr-06 3666 Steve Very informative and useful, would highly recommend.
Apr-06 3666 Steve I enjoyed the course. It was excellently presented and I am now confident in installing fibre systems in the field. I had no previous experience of splicing and terminating fibres, so the course has brought me up to a level where I can now do the job required.
Apr-06 3666 Steve Very very good, and well presented.
Mar-06 3666 Steve Good course, thanks.
Mar-06 OTDR John Worthwhile course.
Mar-06 OTDR John Excellent course, very knowledgeable instructor with good teaching style. Excellent location and good facilities. Good analogies (apart from the hamburger stand at a football match). Very enjoyable.
Mar-06 OTDR John Good course, really enjoyed it, would like to do further training.
Mar-06 OTDR John Enjoyed the course, will be useful in the future.
Mar-06 OTDR John The course is not what is required for Sub Sea Umbilical testing. This should be stressed to Oil Service companies. The information/knowledge gained during the course has been very enlightening. Fibre Optics are in our daily lives and understanding the fundamentals of fibre optics has been very useful.
Mar-06 3666 Dave Another excellent and enjoyable course.
Feb-06 OTDR John Excellent course, great value. Outstanding instruction. Well done, thanks to all.
Feb-06 OTDR John Course was very well presented. The acronyms and analogies were very presented to get the point across.
Feb-06 OTDR John Excellent course, will recommend. Well presented. Love the horses!
Feb-06 OTDR John Very enjoyable course. Very informative and explained everything fully, and easy to understand. Many thanks.
Feb-06 Laser safety Neil Photographs (instead of animations) might help familiarisation for people who are not used to using lasers, where possible. Information on hazards associated with Active Media would be helpful.
Feb-06 Laser safety Neil Enthusiastic and clear presentations. Very helpful with queries.
Feb-06 Laser safety Neil Having not studied optics/laser physics since A level (a long time ago) I found the course excellent and very useful. The tutor was an excellent presenter and teacher.
Feb-06 OTDR John No problems, excellent, interesting and informative
Feb-06 OTDR John Good coffee, thanks for the pen 🙂
Jan-06 3666 Steve Overall an excellent and well presented course. The instructor was very knowledgeable and helpful. I would definitely recommend this course. The equipment used was also very good and in excellent condition.
Jan-06 3666 Steve A good relaxed course!
Jan-06 3666 Steve Course well presented. Explanations given clearly.
Jan-06 3666 Steve Very well written and presented – very enjoyable course.
Jan-06 3666 Steve A very enjoyable course, well presented. And I passed!
Jan-06 OTDR John I enjoyed the course, the pace was set at an interesting rate, I felt that we could all move at the same pace and could go back at any stage. Plus humorous which is always good.
Jan-06 OTDR John This course was specifically set up for the T5 project. Generally courses are arranged by our company’s training department. It would have been beneficial to go over specific T5 needs but this is a general vocational qualification course and so not tailored to suit individual course needs, perhaps a small amount of time could be devoted to such needs on future courses.
Jan-06 OTDR John Excellent course – content above expected.
Jan-06 OTDR John Course was very helpful and explained Fibre Testing in a clear way. Thanks.

Course comments from 2005

Date Course Trainer Comments from course report forms
Nov-05 Laser safety Neil Good place. Lively with regular breaks – always help to maintain interest and attention.
Nov-05 Laser safety Neil Well delivered course, interesting despite the dry subject.
Nov-05 Laser safety Neil Liked informal style, knowledgeable and engaging tutor.
Nov-05 Laser safety Neil Excellent atmosphere and communication.
Nov-05 Laser safety Neil Very useful and enjoyable course. Neil was knowledgeable, helpful engaging and didn’t object to being bombarded with questions.
Sept-05 Fibre Steve The tutor was great and the course was excellent. Thank you.
Sept-05 Fibre Steve The instructor was excellent. The course manual is excellent too. The materials the instructor brought with him was helpful. Thank you.
Aug-05 Laser safety Neil Good. Perhaps less time on fundamental physics – we are all physicists. Useful to see standards and get to grips with info in std’s. Maybe a bit of practical training would be useful on the course. A few minutes discussing the requirements of the individual at the end would have been good.
Aug-05 Laser safety Neil Generally very good! I have no real suggestins for improvements and I was just generally very impressed with the presentation.
Jul-05 3666 Steve Excellent course, would recommend to further colleagues, excellent location for training purposes.
Jul-05 3666 Steve Excellent facilities in friendly relaxed surroundings with helpful and patient tutors.
Jul-05 3666 Steve I would recommend this course to anyone. It was very worthwhile and I am extremely satisfied and a lot happier.
Jul-05 Copper Steve I found the course and tutor excellent and very helpful. I was pleased to have come on the course. Thank you for an excellent course., I wish yourself and the centre well.
Jul-05 Copper Steve Course content was very useful. Tutor had very good knowledge of the subject and had very good teaching skills. Atmosphere is really warm in Lucid, we were well looked afteer. Thanks for everything.
Jul-05 3666 Dave Excellent course, well presented with excellent practical exercises & reference documentation. – DWDM course for the future…
Jul-05 3666 Dave Thoroughly impressed with all aspects of the course.
Jul-05 3666 Dave Very impressed. Excellent course and facilities, knowledgable trainers, I have thoroughly enjoyed this course.
May-05 Special Steve I am very impressed by the amount of equipment that Lucid have and use in the courses. The atmosphere is excellent and conducive to learning. The courses have a good balance between practical and theoretical application. One recommendation I would make would be to have a live system for fault finding e.g. a cctv system?
May-05 Special Steve I have learned a great amount about fibre optics this week. It was very easy to follow this course and an all round good experience.
May-05 AOTDR John Excellent course, clearly and informatively given. Also enjoyable and fun
May-05 AOTDR John Excellent all-round
May-05 3666 Dave I think there was a good range of equipment for us all to use, which I found very helpful as we could actually use it as opposed to just seeing pictures
May-05 3666 Steve The course was excellent, also Steve Dobson was excellent and very good and helpful. The book of the course was also excellent as well, found it most helpful
May-05 3666 Steve I have found this course to be very educational and Steve the tutor to be a very good teacher and very knowledgeable. Excellent course. Thank you.
May-05 3666 Steve Lucid took our problem of training over 6 weeks and tailored the course to our needs. Excellent throughout from catering to our final day testing.
Apr-05 AFO Neil Very good
Apr-05 AFO Neil 10/10 for everything. Thanks for everything.
Apr-05 AFO Neil Course compressed but still followable.
Apr-05 AFO Neil Very enjoyable, although too much information in too short a time. Please keep myself up-to-date with available courses – fibre related.
Apr-05 AFO Neil Published research papers with useful information/case studies are appreciated.
Apr-05 AFO Neil Well presented + enjoyed. Especially enjoyed the pace, with all the extra sections brought in with all the extra depth + information they provided
Mar-05 CATV-CC Steve Good course
Mar-05 3666 Dave Excellent course. Really enjoyed it and found the atmosphere very calm. Beautiful part of the country to go to.
Mar-05 3666 Dave I have found the course to be extremely good and in delightful surroundings
Feb-05 CATV-CC Steve May have been useful for trainers to have visited [customer] areas to see our network and test equipment, making it easier to understand the ability of delegates and structure the course to suit. * This could not be arranged at short notice, mainly due to security issues.
Feb-05 LSI OCN Neil It would be helpful if we can have more information for the laser in our work, maybe give us an example how to do laser safety for YAG laser, in detail. *Examples cover several common lasers, but we are happy to include any other laser if requested in advance.
Feb-05 LSI OCN Neil Very good trainer
Feb-05 LSI OCN Neil It is a very good course. Thank you, Mr Haigh!
Feb-05 LSI OCN Neil It is a very good course for me to do the job of laser safety officer

Course comments from 2004

Date Course Trainer Comments from course report forms
Dec-04 FOI Neil One of the best courses I have been on for a very long time
Dec-04 FOI Neil The course was very professional and well presented
Dec-04 FOI Neil Course well presented and informative. One of the best courses I have had.
Dec-04 FOI Neil Found the course extremely interesting, and would like to continue to learn more aspects of fibre optics. Course tutor was excellent, would take a course with Neil again! Many thanks.
Dec-04 FOI John Excellent course. Well presented.
Dec-04 MM+AOTDR Dave Would love to return to take the City & Guilds exam at some date in the future. Enjoyed the course, learned a lot on this subject
Dec-04 MM+AOTDR Dave I have found the course very interesting and feel that the information along with practical experience will greatly help in the future. Along with the above the hospitality was first class. I would recommend this course to anyone wanting to learn or refresh their F/O skills.
Nov-04 FOI Neil Very informative. Relaxing course.
Nov-04 FOI Neil Very well presented, informative + enjoyable course.
Nov-04 FOI Neil I was very pleased with the information and practical experience I gained from the course. I believe it would be useful for many of my colleagues who come into contact with fibre optic technologies on a regular basis.
Nov-04 FOI Neil Well presented and conducted with good books and practical experiments. Instructor very knowledgeable on course content.
Nov-04 FOI Neil Make the course three days long so you can take more time doing practicals *who pays for the third day?
Nov-04 FOI Neil A very enjoyable and worthwhile course.
Oct-04 FOS Dave Very good course, presented excellently.
Oct-04 AdvSC Steve&Neil Very useful – hope I remember it all!
Oct-04 AdvSC Steve&Neil Well presented by knowledgeable tutors
Jul-04 FOI-OCN Neil Compact course content but very concise.
Jul-04 FOI-OCN Neil I must say the course has been outstanding. Thank you.
Jul-04 FOI-OCN Neil Very enjoyable + presented course
Jul-04 FOI-OCN Neil Neil was very good on training course.
Jul-04 FOI John Very good course.
Jul-04 C&G-SM Steve Excellent course, excellent tutor, very enjoyable and informative. Thanks!
Jul-04 C&G-SM Steve Excellent course. Excellent teacher. Everything clearly explained at a pace that suits.
Jul-04 C&G-SM Steve Very informative and enjoyable course. Steve our tutor explained everything at our own pace.
Jul-04 C&G-SM Steve Very enjoyable and informative course. Everything explained clearly and at the right tempo.
Jul-04 LSI Neil An excellent course that was well delivered. Good analogies drawn to illustrate technical issues.
Jul-04 C&G-MMSM Steve The course was excellent in every aspect. I would recommend this course to anyone.
Jul-04 C&G-MMSM Steve Course notes didn’t always coincide with slides (only a minor problem) * noted and sorted
Jul-04 C&G-MMSM Steve Its far easier to follow a course if the course program follows the manual. This also aids revision.
Jun-04 D-side Peter The tutor was of the highest quality. From start to finish everything was explained step by step. A most enjoyable course, and wish the tutor all the best in the future.
Jun-04 D-side Peter Overall course was excellent
Jun-04 D-side Peter The course was extremely good. There seemed to be lack of communication between [main BT contractor] and [subcontractor employing trainees] as to what the course should consist of. Not Lucids fault.
May-04 C&G-SM Steve A great course that explained everything clearly and didn’t baffle me with mumbo jumbo that some tutors use to make themselves look good, it was informative, friendly and the food was great.
May-04 C&G-SM Steve A very good and well explained course
May-04 C&G-SM Steve Well prersented, and explained in a very understandable way for someone who is new to F.O. (which is a refreshing change!)
May-04 C&G-SM Steve Excellent tutor.
Apr-04 LSI Neil Excellent course – makes a potentially dull topic fascinating.
Apr-04 C&G-MMSM Steve Very good course. I got a lot out of it. Cheers Steve.
Apr-04 C&G-MMSM Steve Very good course, plenty of good vaulable ideas, found this course very interesting and helpful.
Apr-04 C&G-MMSM Steve Found this course very interesting. Keep up the good work!
Apr-04 C&G-MMSM Steve The course and tutor were excellent value for money. There was a surprising amount of various equipment which allowed us to see the differences between inexpensive and expensive equipment.
Apr-04 C&G-MMSM Steve Interesting and enjoyable.
May-04 LSI Neil Thanks for a pleasant and informative day.
Mar-04 C&G-MMSM Steve Just what I needed for my next contract, fibre installation & testing. Thanks.
Mar-04 C&G-MMSM Steve I was pleased with the course and learnt a lot, but as I am trying to get a job as a fibre jointer I would have had more confidence if I had done a joint start to finish. *not possible with 3466 syllabus, but included in new 3666 syllabus
Mar-04 C&G-MMSM Steve As stated verbally I personally would have found it useful to have had a go at installing an LC and MTRJ connector and am very grateful for the repsonse that I would be able to revisit for this.
Mar-04 C&G-MMSM Steve Excellent course in a friendly/warm atmosphere. The course helped put/show the OTDR in all its aspects. Thanks for a great course in a brilliant setting.
Mar-04 FOI Steve Excellent theory course. Possibly more practical / making of ends etc. ST/SC
Mar-04 FOI Steve Excellent course and materials. Handbook very good.
Mar-04 FOI Steve An excellent well organised course.
Mar-04 FOI Steve I would have liked the opportunity to terminate some connectors.
Mar-04 FOI Steve I think there should have been some more practical examples.
Mar-04 FOI Steve When giving the info, give the reference chapters in the book. The manual itself is by far the best locally produced manual I have read. Graphics are excellent and the qualified opinions given in the text are very useful.
Mar-04 LSI Neil Excellent course, the only part lacking was relevant industry experience
Mar-04 AOF-Comms Neil Very good course – subject is new to me but this has given me good information to use in my job.
Mar-04 AOF-Comms Neil Would like a course on optic sensors and applications.
Mar-04 AOF-Comms Neil Future course needs tailoring to aerospace applications, and less on telecommunications.
Mar-04 AOF-Comms Neil Excellent
Mar-04 AOF-Comms Neil There is already interest in an additional course, plus we would like to attend a fibre sensors course
Feb-04 FOI Steve Enjoyable and very informative course
Feb-04 FOI Steve An excellent course very well presented and explained
Feb-04 FOI Steve A well presented course pitched at the right level for our requirements at this time
Feb-04 LS1 Neil A lot of useful information, presented in an entertaining fashion. Far from boring or overwhelming. Congratulations!
Feb-04 LS1 Neil Very useful after so many years played with laser. New classification system understood. As a systems engineer I now believe and follow a top down systems design approach so if laser is involved then this must be in the top end of product design and not left till last resort or an afterthought
Feb-04 LS1 Neil Course content was well balanced and pitched at correct level for introduction
Jan-04 SC Steve I thought the course was very beneficial. As a complete novice to this area of work I have and will find it useful in all future aspects of our work.
Jan-04 SC Steve V. good.
Jan-04 LS1 Neil Very good introduction, well presented. Thank you!
Jan-04 LS1 Neil Excellent tutor. I would definitely recommend this course

More comments from 2002-2003 and 1999-2001

Feb-14 Fibre Optics Overview John Excellent course
Feb-14 Fibre Optics Overview John A very helpful and informative course by an expert
Feb-14 Fibre Optics Overview John Better background than expected. Much better than I expected. Very good course Manual
Feb-14 C&G Fibre Steve Very helpful and easy to understand
Feb-14 C&G Fibre Steve Really enjoyed my time here. The people are fantastic and the food was excellent.
Feb-14 C&G Fibre Steve Admin was excellent and course presentation was again superb
Feb-14 Fibre Optics Overview John Could have been better not to have spent too much time on cleaning *The manager who booked this course specifically requested cleaning of connectors as a high-priority area