ELCAS Resettlement Training Courses

Lucid are an approved training provider for the MoD’s Enhanced Learning Credits (ELC) scheme (sometimes referred to as ELCAS – see below) for current and former members of the armed forces.

  • The ELC scheme provides grants towards training, as a single payment in each of a maximum of three separate financial years.
  • Grants are available to forces personnel who have registered with ELCAS and completed more than four years of service since 1st April 2000
  • The value of the grant is 80% of the training cost, up to a maximum of £1000 or £2000 per year incl VAT.
  • The training must lead to a nationally recognised qualification at level 3 or above on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF), and must be with an ELC approved training provider.
  • The training can take place whilst still in the forces, and up to 10 years after leaving

Obtaining ELC Funding for Training Courses

Enhanced Learning Credits training providers are approved by the Enhanced Learning Credits Administration Service (ELCAS), and are listed on the ELCAS website. Applications for ELC grants are made through ELCAS at least 15 days prior to the training course start date. Once an ELC training grant is approved by ELCAS, the candidate receives a Claim Authorisation Form”. The candidate then sends the Claim Authorisation Form to the training provider, who will invoice ELCAS directly for their 80% contribution so that the candidate is not out-of-pocket until the ELC grant is paid.

Details of how to obtain ELC funding are available from the enhanced learning credits website run by ELCAS. For further information on obtaining ELC funding for training courses and programmes with Lucid please contact us and we will be happy to help.

Lucid Training Course Programmes for ELC

Lucid provides a range of package deals eligible for ELC grants. These
fall into three different areas: Fibre Optics; Copper Cabling and wiring; and PAT testing.

Within the cabling and wiring area there are three main programmes
catering for different job roles:

  • Optical Fibre Test Engineer
  • Datacoms cabling installation Engineer
  • PAT Tester

Trainees can choose a complete course programme, which includes both a foundation module such as City & Guilds 3667 (fibre/copper communications cabling award) and an advanced module at level 3, with the option to split the programme over two financial years to attract two grants if required

Alternatively, trainees with previous experience such as City & Guilds 3667 can take either the fast-track version consisting of just the advanced modules, or the FIA version which includes enrolment on the FIA qualification scheme, a safety qualification if required, and registration as an “FIA Certified Measurement Specialist/Engineer”.

Sponsored programmes… = free tools!

For those of you who are considering a self-employment role or a contractor job role, then we are discussing deals with suppliers that would effectively sponsor some of the tools or equipment on some programmes so the trainee can keep them at the end of the course. We will publish details of such special offers and which ELC funded training courses might attract such sponsorship shortly.

Our first sponsored programme is courtesy of Megger, who are enabling us to offer a deal with a free, state-of-the-art PAT tester with our programmes including the City and Guilds 2377 award in PAT testing. Please visit this page for more details.

MOD Forces Resettlement Grants

The Enhanced Learning Credits scheme is extremely valuable to forces personnel as it is over and above the standard MOD resettlement grants. Forces resettlement has long been a difficult area with more being promised by many training providers than is actually delivered, and this has left many ex-forces personnel feeling they have wasted their one opportunity to train into a new career.

Now this need not be the case. Whether you feel you where poorly advised with your resettlement training, or you are happy that it delivered what was promised, you need not feel that this is the end of your resettlement. The Enhanced Learning Credits system allows you to re-train or enhance your training years after leaving the forces at minimal cost to you. At Lucid we have programmes designed to maximise the benefits of the enhanced learning credits, and we are developing new programmes for this ELC training awards funding all of the time so please contact us for details of our latest offerings.

For information on careers and job prospects within the communications cabling industry after gaining qualifications, please see our careers page.

Other Lucid Courses for ELC Grant Funding

Lucid Optical Services Ltd offers the highest quality training courses in communications cabling and related technical fields, with qualifications that are eligible for ELC funding.

We also offer Laser safety courses, clearly a health and safety topic, but a technical optical area where Lucid Optical Services had considerable experience and expertise; and electrical safety training and services, which is again health and safety orientated, but also a technical cabling field. Please consult the relevant links for more details.

We regularly review our training courses and programmes that could be eligible for ELC funding, so please contact us if you wish us to consider a new programme incorporating any of our standard course offerings to help you use your ELC grants.