Copper Datacoms

datacoms cable terminationtelecoms cable terminationLucid was originally established to offer the highest quality training in fibre optics, but once our clients found out that most of our trainers also had in-depth knowledge and experience of copper datacoms and copper telecoms training, they started asking us to provide this cable training for them too.

We now happily offer copper datacoms (LAN structured cabling, Cat 5, Cat 6 and Cat7) and copper telecommunications (telecoms outlet to D-side to E-side) training courses. These copper network courses are developed by experts in these fields, and several carry recognised qualifications in copper cabling. All of our copper network cabling courses include Lucid’s renowned training manuals, produced to the same exacting standards as our fibre optics training manuals, and we have invested significantly in the latest telecoms and datacoms frames, panels, facilities and test equipment.

Note that the duration of our copper courses can, in most cases, be tailored to the backgrounds and experience of the trainees. This is important for the longer D-side courses where we can do shorter versions for experienced trainees wishing to gain the OCN qualifications, but not always possible with public courses.

Listed below are our more popular copper datacoms and telecoms training courses. If you don’t see the copper cabling course that’s right for you or your team please contact us.

City & Guilds 3667 Unit 4 Internal Copper Cabling

A 4-day course resulting in a well-respected City & Guilds level 2 award. This is effectively the structured cabling course for the UK, training people in the basics of copper LAN network cabling (Cat 5, Cat 6, Cat 7 and voice cabling). Some trainees take this option as an all-round course in structured cabling as a supplement or preparatory course for structured cabling manufacturer courses – often required for installers who wish to offer a manufacturer’s warranty on their installations of structured cable systems.

connector RJ45 datacomsIntroduction to Structured Cabling

1 and 2-day versions covering the basics of modern network cabling, including Cat 5, Cat 6 and Cat 7 cables, connectors and basic testing. This course is an ideal update or refresher course for structured cabling installers who wish to become familiar with the latest developments and standards in structured cabling networks. Details…

Fluke DTX network testerTest and Certification of Structured Cabling Systems

Normally a 2-day course, but can be reduced to 1-day if done in conjunction with the above ‘introduction’ course, or for certain more experienced trainees. Using up to date network cabling testers. The testing of copper structured cabling networks is often the most poorly understood aspect of network cable installation. This course covering cat 5, cat 6 and some aspects of cat 7 testing supplements basic network installation or can serve as a useful refresher for trainees and experienced installers. Details…

D-side Copper Cable Jointing Course

An Open College Network (OCN) accredited course at level 2 with a duration from 4-days (mostly assessment and minimal training for more experienced trainees) to around 15-days (for trainees new to cabling). Covers skills required to work as copper telecoms jointers on the BT D-side network. This is currently an area with huge demand for trained staff, and the prospect of a long and rewarding career for hard workers.

D-side Copper Telephone Cable Testing

An Open College Network (OCN) accredited course at level 3 with a duration from 5-days to around 10-days depending on previous cable test and measurement experience. Covers test, evaluation and analysis skills required to work as copper cable testers or faultsmen on the BT D-side telephone network.

For more information about any of our courses please send an enquiry or contact us