Fibre Optics in Aerospace

Lucid, together with AV Optics and JSC Aeroptics, are pleased to be offering another of our successful “Fibre Optice in Aerospace” workshop/training courses. This is a 2-day course which offers an up to date review of the status of Fibre optics in the Aerospace Industry, and supplies information on best practice in how to successfully implement, support and maintain Fibre Optic technology in the Aerospace industry.


The Aerospace Industry is now using Fibre Optics in aircraft for many applications and many major projects are now entering production. In order to meet aerospace requirements these installations have often used components and techniques that are unfamiliar in the higher volume datacoms or telecoms markets, and require different approaches to design, manufacture, test and supportability. This course provides delegates with an understanding of why differences exist for the aerospace market, what has been learnt from previous applications, and the current position of the technology.

The training course provides an up to date review of the status of Fibre optics in the Aerospace Industry and supplies essential information on best practice in how to successfully implement, support and maintain Fibre Optic technology in Aerospace. On completion of the course delegates will receive a certificate of event attendance, and all trainees get a comprehensive full-colour training manual packed with a wealth of information on fibre optics in the aerospace industry..

Event Leaders

Installing optical fibre technology on aircraft or similar aerospace applications is a highly specialised field. This is why we are offering a specialist ‘Fibre Optics in Aerospace’ event led by three of the industries leading experts. These experts are: firstly our own technical director, John Colton who is a specialist in fibre optics test and measurements; Andy Voizey of AV Optics who first worked with optical fibres on helicopters, but now advises on optical installations on both rotary and fixed-wing aircraft; and finally, John Cotterill of JSC Aeroptics, who has worked on fibre optics standardisation for the aerospace industry for many years with both military and civil aviation applications.

A Unique Aerospace Fibre Optics Event

Although we bill this as a training course, with a programme and course syllabus, it is in some ways more of a workshop as we are happy to take questions and tailor the event to the trainees attending. We know of no other similar fibre optics technology events utilising the skills and experience of three leading industry experts to deliver a 2-day event to the aerospace industry. This structure leads to an opportunity of excellent value to the trainees, and we therefore only run this as a public course once or twice a year. If you have an interest in applying fibre optics, or learning more about maintaining fibre optic systems on aircraft, then this is the event for you and not to be missed.

Course Structure

This two-day course is designed to give a current review of the status of Fibre optics in the Aerospace Industry. The course structure includes:

  • An overview of the current position of Fibre Optics in Aerospace, including current Aerospace applications, design and components
  • An outline of possible future developments involving Fibre Optics in Aerospace
  • Advice on best practice for termination, installation, maintenance and repair of fibre
  • Testing, fault finding and characterisation of fibre
  • Issues and lessons learnt
  • Documentation i.e what to record, how often to record data and how to use that data

The course is suitable for both the commercial and military Aerospace markets. Airframe manufacturers, installers, airlines, component and harness suppliers and project managers would all benefit from attending, as will people working in similar fields with similar environmental requirements and reliability requirements for their optical fibre based systems. The course is also relevant for anybody with an interest in the benefits and limitations of Fibre Optics in the Aerospace industry.

More information?

For more information on this course, including course programmes, dates, public and event pricing please contact us.