External Verification Comments

This year we had a new external verifier from the Open Awards. As well as ticking all the right boxes, he included the following comment:

Your overall assessment of the centre.
Lucid Optical Services Limited is a specialist training company offering technical training courses in fibre optics, copper communications system cabling, laser and LED safety. Specialising in photonics has led to the development in advanced optical testing courses, laser safety training
courses, qualifications and software packages, plus advanced photonics technology (theory and practical) training courses. Lucid believe in accrediting the specialist courses that they deliver and in so use a number of awarding organisations Open Awards being one of them. Each course is
delivered by highly skilled and specialist trainers, who teach, monitor and manage the various courses accredited by Open Awards.
Good Practice / Key Strengths.
Highly skilled and experienced trainers and assessors
Robust and to date courses delivered to current industry standards
Sufficiently challenging assessment methods set at the correct level
Thorough IV and AIV system in place
Recommendations for further development.

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