Lucid’s OA level 3 Awards recognised for full ECS cards

Yesterday the ECS Steering Committee approved the OA Level 3 Awards in Fibre Installation and Copper Installation, for the full “Infrastructure Installer (Level 3)” ECS card, rather than the “Infrastructure Installer Assistant” ECS card that is currently available based on the City & Guilds 3667 or 3668 Level 2 Awards.

If you are interested then call or email us for further information

New City & Guilds 3668 Fibre Cabling course on 23 May

At Lucid we can now offer the brand new City & Guilds 3668 Scheme, replacing the 3667 scheme.

The content is similar to the 3667, just updated to include the latest industry developments. The main difference to note is that the 3667 “External Fibre” and “Internal Fibre” units have been combined into one 3668 “Fibre Cabling” unit, covering the same material as the two previous units. Just the way Lucid and most other training companies have been teaching it anyway.

We are running a 3668 Unit 2 Fibre Cabling course on 23-27 May at Lucid Training Centre, and we still have places available, so call or email if you would like to be one of the first to get the new 3668 Certificate.

In addition, for this next 3668 course we can also offer delegates the chance to take our new “OA Level 3 Award in Fibre Optics Installation and Testing” at no extra cost. This is a formal level 3 qualification that can be taken at the same time as the City & Guilds 3668 – Lucid is effectively teaching the course at level 3, and the OA award recognises this.

City & Guilds 3667 Fibre Unit 2&3: places available 6-10 Dec 2021

We have just had a couple of postponements for the 5-day City & Guilds 3667 Combined Unit 1,2,3 Fibre course at Lucid Training Centre in Cumbria next week 6-10 December 2021, so we now have spare places available. This is our last 3667 fibre course before Christmas, so if you are interested please email [email protected] or call us on 015396 21219 as soon as possible to reserve a place.

External Verification Comments

This year we had a new external verifier from the Open Awards. As well as ticking all the right boxes, he included the following comment:

Your overall assessment of the centre.
Lucid Optical Services Limited is a specialist training company offering technical training courses in fibre optics, copper communications system cabling, laser and LED safety. Specialising in photonics has led to the development in advanced optical testing courses, laser safety training
courses, qualifications and software packages, plus advanced photonics technology (theory and practical) training courses. Lucid believe in accrediting the specialist courses that they deliver and in so use a number of awarding organisations Open Awards being one of them. Each course is
delivered by highly skilled and specialist trainers, who teach, monitor and manage the various courses accredited by Open Awards.
Good Practice / Key Strengths.
Highly skilled and experienced trainers and assessors
Robust and to date courses delivered to current industry standards
Sufficiently challenging assessment methods set at the correct level
Thorough IV and AIV system in place
Recommendations for further development.

We are Recruiting

We’re recruiting and we don’t do that often! If you’re a skilled and experienced comms cabling installer who would like to pass on those skills, or perhaps already an experienced trainer, then Lucid would like to hear from you. We don’t recruit often because we have an exceptionally low turnover of training staff and most have only left us when they’ve retired. We offer the ability to work from home when not training or needed for a meeting, with a very competitive reward package. To hear more or apply please call us or email your CV to [email protected] We train all over the world, but most of the work is in the UK. A valid driving license is a necessity.

18th Edition Update

City & Guilds have just announced the following regarding their 2382 “18th Edition” qualification:

Amendment one to the 18th Edition Wiring Regulations will shortly be published in 2020 and will be available from both the IET and BSI websites.  It will be a free-to-view document and will contain an amended Section 722 of BS 7671. We will accommodate the new amendment in the existing award and on-screen exam.
If learners are downloading the amendment from the IET/BSI website they will be permitted to use it in the relevant exams and assessments. 

This may be helpful to anyone who plan to take the 18th Edition, City & Guilds 2382 exam at Lucid; for our prices and more information see
our 18th edition page

Christmas Greetings

And a happy New Year from us all at Lucid!
As usual, we are not sending Christmas cards but are donating to charities instead. This year our chosen charities are the North West Air Ambulance, Kirkby Stephen Mountain Rescue Team, and the Garsdale Red Squirrel Group which helps preserve one of the last pockets of red squirrels left in England. We will donate £2.50 to the charity of your choice from the three above, just let us know which you’d prefer.

Christmas Hours  
Whilst the office is officially closed from this Friday 21st Dec to Wed 2nd Jan 2019, we will still be maintaining the technical support phone service and monitoring email.
Remember our technical support is free to all of our trainees so if you need help we are there for you.
At times it may take us a little longer to respond to email enquiries. We trust you’ll understand and we wish all of our trainees and business contacts a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

Advanced Fibre Characterisation Course 21-25 October 2019

This is Lucid’s original full 5-day advanced fibre testing course, run by John Colton, our technical director who is an acknowledged world expert on the testing of fibre networks, and wrote the first OTDR, CD and PMD courses in the industry over 20 years ago.

The course carries two formal level 3 certificates from a OA, a UK licensed awarding body. The location is Lucid Training Centre in Garsdale, Cumbria LA10 5PE

The course is modular, starting with the “Advanced OTDR Testing” module, followed by the “Advanced PMD and CD Testing” – either module can be taken separately as well if preferred.

We still have a few places available, so please contact us as soon as possible if you are interested – due to Johns other commitments and demands for company courses, we only rarely have the opportunity to run this as a public course.

Advanced Fibre Characterisation course
Advanced Fibre Characterisation graph

Advanced OTDR course 29-31 July

We have just scheduled an additional Advanced OTDR Testing (OA Level 3 Certificate) course for fibre optics engineers on the 29 to 31 July 2019 at Lucid, for a couple of engineers who need the training before the summer holidays. We have a few more places available on this public course so please contact us quickly if you’re interested. If these dates don’t suit you then there will be more opportunities, but with the industry booming we are struggling to fit in as many advanced public courses as we’d like.

Please note, if you are looking for our full “Advanced Fibre Characterisation Engineer” course, then the 3-day Advanced OTDR forms part one of this course. Module 2, “Advanced PMD and CD Testing” can be taken separately later, giving maximum flexibility.

Comments from feedback forms

We have just uploaded the latest batch of trainee comments from our course feedback forms – here are a few examples:

It was a really good training course! I learnt a lot as John is an excellent trainer. It’s obvious his high level of knowledge and experience. The material used was very clear and he was dynamic using examples easy to understand.

Superb! The group had varied levels of knowledge and the course and atmosphere was perfect . I am amazed that such a course, perfect for our needs, was constructed from a phone overview. Training manual was perfect, great book.

Very useful course addressing lots of technical stuff supported by practical and knowledgeable tutor. I would recommend this course unhesitatingly.

For the full list see our feedback page at – remember, we post all comments, both excellent good and more critical!

3667 Internal Copper Datacoms 15-18 July

We still have a couple more places available on our City & Guilds Unit 4 Copper Datacoms running in Lucid Training Centre, Garsdale LA10 5PE, from 15-18 July 2019.

If you are interested and can make next week, then please call and email us as soon as possible

We are still offering a free 3667 Unit 1 exam with the Unit 4 course, to be taken on the last afternoon of the Unit 4 course.


Places available on 3667 Fibre 8-12 July 2019

We have just had a couple of postponements for the 5-day City & Guilds 3667 Combined Unit 1,2,3 Fibre course at Lucid Training Centre in Cumbria next week, so we now have spare places available. This is our last 3667 fibre course before the summer holidays, so if you are interested please email [email protected] or call us on 015396 21219 as soon as possible to reserve a place.

A Lucid mug, manuals, pad and pen on the picnic table outside our training centre – in brilliant but not sweltering sunshine.

Lucid Mug on tour

Recently, a Lucid mug has been snapped on its tour of major sporting events and other work locations thanks to Graeme MacVicar. This made us smile and brightened our day so we’ve now chipped in with a photo of a Lucid mug at a major cricket match near our head office.

We’ve seldom given mugs away, so if you have trained with us and want a Lucid mug so you can post a picture of it at your work or travel locations then let us know. We have a few we can supply, but if this trend takes off then we may need to order more…

Here are the latest photos, as posted on LinkedIn:

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Lancashire vs Durham county cricket match at Sedbergh

No alternative text description for this image
At Newcastle Races
No alternative text description for this image
At Catterick Race Course
No alternative text description for this image
At the Highland Show
No alternative text description for this image
Highland show close-up

Lucid mug shots

Graeme has posted a few pictures of his Lucid mug on tour (see link below) as his work has taken him to a few events. If any of you have a Lucid mug then you might like to post a picture of it at your work, although we realise we’ve not given many away.

If any of our former trainees would like a mug then let us know. Inspired by Graeme’s initiative we think we should give a few more mugs away so others can post shots of their Lucid mug at work.

Lucid Mug on tour:

Lucid’s Loss – Cricket’s Gain

We’d like to wish our colleague David Fawcett all of the best for his retirement.

Many of our trainees and business acquaintances will know David as the voice on the end of the telephone line as he has for over 10 years often been the first point of contact for people enquiring about training at Lucid.

Having joined us from the financial services world in January 2009, David has seen around half of the history of Lucid and has been with us for the good and the not so good (or damn right awful!) times.

We know many of you will miss David, and if you want to tell him so then you have until lunchtime. We’re abandoning the office for an hour or two for a retirement lunch out and after that David will be free to dodge the showers and spend some of the Summer indulging his love of cricket (or perhaps more likely history books).

Thank you David for the diligent service and all the cups of tea! We wish you the very best for this next chapter in your story.

Get Certified: 3667 courses this summer

If you want to get your City & Guilds 3667 Certificate before the summer holidays, then we still have places available on the following courses:

10-14 June: 3667 Combined Fibre Unit 2 & 3 at Lucid Training Centre in Cumbria (North)
17-21 June: 3667 Combined Fibre Unit 2 & 3 at Crawley near Gatwick (South)
8-12 July: 3667 Combined Fibre Unit 2 & 3 at Lucid Training Centre (North)
15-18 July: 3667 Copper Datacoms Unit 4 at Lucid Training Centre (North)
22-25 July: 3667 Copper Datacoms Unit 4 at Crawley near Gatwick (South

All bookings of Unit 2, 3 or 4 also qualify for a free 3667 Unit 1 exam.

We only take max 6 delegates on each course, so places can book up fast. Call or email us for the latest prices, discounts and to reserve your place.

Advanced Fibre Characterisation Course on 13-17 May

Advanced Fibre Characterisation course for fibre optics engineers running from 13 May to 17 May 2019 at Lucid Training Centre in Garsdale. We still have places available on this public course so please contact us quickly if you’re interested in filling one of those places and becoming one of the best qualified fibre engineers. If these dates don’t suit you then there will be more opportunities, but with the industry booming we are struggling to fit in as many public courses as we’d like. We’re also failing to let people know they’re happening in good time, hence the spaces still available with this May course.

Advanced Fibre Characterisation course
Advanced Fibre Characterisation graph

Lucid Certificates in Advanced Fibre Characterisation

We have not previously issued a Lucid “Advanced Fibre Characterisation” certificate, because our trainees get two formal qualification certificates from Open Awards, but since a trainee asked us for such a combined certificate here it is. We believe others might also appreciate a combined Lucid certificate, so if you have completed the Advanced OTDR Testing course and the PMD and Chromatic Dispersion courses with us and would like the Lucid certificate as well, then let us know. Our certificates are free of charge to our trainees, just let us know your name and contact details and once we’ve verified the awards we can send you a Lucid certificate in Advanced Fibre Characterisation.

Lucid Trainee Feedback in 2019

Lucid has had a busy start to 2019 – we have already received a great collection of nice comments on our course feedback forms!

Course code Trainer Comments from course report forms 
Umbilical Alistair Well presented course. I’ve gained a considerable amount of extra knowledge during the week, increasing the level of confidence when dealing with problems.
Umbilical Alistair Very informative and well presented course. Tutors knowledge was extensive and course was well tailored for our requirements. Thoroughly enjoyed he week and look forward to future training.
Umbilical Alistair Course instructor excellent at delivering the course, demonstrating equipment & answering questions. Course booklet very informative
Umbilical Alistair Very knowledgeable, Alistair was very professional and helpful with any part of the course I was unsure of. 
Umbilical Alistair Alistair made the course very easy to understand also laid back which kept myself at ease and not flustered if not confident with any aspects of the course
Umbilical Alistair Excellent course. Alistair was excellent at presenting all the course material demonstrating all the practical element very well. Alistair is a very, very knowledgeable guy & pleasant and would highly recommend him to carry out more courses.
AOTDR John Excellent tutor who was very knowledgeable. Highly recommend the training centre.
C&G Fibre Alistair Instructor very friendly with great sense of humour. Very knowledgeable and understood very well. Very happy .
C&G Fibre Alistair Excellent content and balance between theory and practical. Adaptive approach to order of topics and input being accepted ensured an engaged group. Very conducive to learning .
C&G Copper Alistair Alistair was knowledgeable , personable and very engaging. Made for a very relaxed , detail filled course
C&G Copper Alistair I found the course to be very useful, informative and most of all fun. Nice mix of both theory and practical so as not to make it repetitive
C&G Copper Alistair A little bit far from where I live but I suppose wherever you have the course some people going to be close some going to be far .
CofK Annette Very informative
CofK Annette Thank you
AOTDR John Excellent tutor who was very knowledgeable. Highly recommend the training course.
Umbilical Alistair Excellent course
AOTDR John Excellent course very well delivered
AOTDR John Excellently presented by John. Took time to answer questions and explain them
AOTDR John Great course, very informative
Umbilical Alistair Well presented course, Alistair was very knowledgeable & informative. Maybe a print out of the daily quiz so can refer to it during revision. 
Umbilical Alistair I was looking forward to this course and feel I now have all the information required to conduct copper and fibre testing. Very happy with instructor very knowledgeable man 🙂
Umbilical Alistair Well presented course that was very enjoyable. Taken back to basics which was good to review and go over fundamental basics. Good use of the equipment to give us good confidence to be able to use the equipment when required.
Umbilical Alistair Very knowledgeable instructor, very helpful
Umbilical Alistair Very good course, very interesting
Umbilical Alistair Good course, very informative to the content (fibre, OTDR, TDR + CR/IR testing)
C&G Fibre Steve Great atmosphere. Great equipment. Knowledgeable trainer. Would recommend
C&G Fibre Steve Excellent all round course. Exactly what was expected. Friendly and informative. Highly recommended
C&G Fibre Steve Great course. Keep up the good work . Tutor was clear and precise hence I was able to pass !
C&G Fibre Steve Steve was great at delivering course material. Felt welcomed every day . Overall I enjoyed the course and would highly recommend. 


For more comments please see our full feedback page at

Latest Guide to Data Centre Developments

Data Centres are often secretive about their existence and location for security reasons. On several occasions when running an on-site training course at a data centre, we have had an interesting time finding the unmarked building. Having found the right building if often takes some time to get security guard to admit that you are indeed at the data centre you are looking for.

Below is a link to an article which gives a good introduction to many of the latest developments in the data centre world, for anyone who is wondering what all the fuss is about.

The cooler scandinavian climates are attractive for data centres with Denmark seeming to be the latest hotspot, with Google, Apple and Facebook already there, and both Facebook and Apple starting their second ones. This is partly due to Denmark being more centrally located, but also due to it being the chosen landing point for several new and important submarine fibre cable systems. One direct transatlantic system from the US to Denmark (and Ireland) named Havfrue (Danish for mermaid after the famous Hans-Christian Andersen tale) and one from Iceland to Denmark named Danice which also island hops to the UK (top of Scotland) and Greenland. Another big attraction is likely to be the existing Danish system of “fjernvarme” where most houses in whole towns are heated by hot water piped through from a central powerplant. This makes it very easy for data centres to reuse their cooling water to actually make money as well as gain green credits.

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