Fibre Characterisation Training Course sees strong demand in 2019

Just one week into 2019 and it’s all happening at Lucid. We have had numerous enquiries for our industry leading Fibre Testing and full Fibre Characterisation Training courses and qualifications. The demand in this first week back has already outstripped what we’d normally expect in a whole month.

We believe we’re still the only training company to offer full Fibre Characterisation courses with real qualifications provided by an independent UK licensed awarding body. We’ve been delivering this training for almost 20 years now and have a reputation for excellence in this area.

For further information on our OTDR courses, Chromatic Dispersion and PMD measurement courses, OSA testing, Spectral Attenuation and Full Fibre Characterisation training please check our website and/or contact us.

To respond to the demand we’ll try to schedule an additional public course in the first quarter of 2019, but this can be difficult when other, often closed course, training demand is keeping us busy. Check our website or phone for the latest dates and availability.

Another specialty are our Advanced Fibre Optics and Advanced Fibre Networks courses, some of which focus on DWDM and photonics technologies. These are often run as closed courses for clients but seldom as public courses, but if a few of you register your interest then we can look to schedule a public course or two for 2019.

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