Latest Guide to Data Centre Developments

Data Centres are often secretive about their existence and location for security reasons. On several occasions when running an on-site training course at a data centre, we have had an interesting time finding the unmarked building. Having found the right building if often takes some time to get security guard to admit that you are indeed at the data centre you are looking for.

Below is a link to an article which gives a good introduction to many of the latest developments in the data centre world, for anyone who is wondering what all the fuss is about.

The cooler scandinavian climates are attractive for data centres with Denmark seeming to be the latest hotspot, with Google, Apple and Facebook already there, and both Facebook and Apple starting their second ones. This is partly due to Denmark being more centrally located, but also due to it being the chosen landing point for several new and important submarine fibre cable systems. One direct transatlantic system from the US to Denmark (and Ireland) named Havfrue (Danish for mermaid after the famous Hans-Christian Andersen tale) and one from Iceland to Denmark named Danice which also island hops to the UK (top of Scotland) and Greenland. Another big attraction is likely to be the existing Danish system of “fjernvarme” where most houses in whole towns are heated by hot water piped through from a central powerplant. This makes it very easy for data centres to reuse their cooling water to actually make money as well as gain green credits.

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