Certified Fibre Optics Engineer (OA Level 3) course at Lucid on 27-31 March

This is Lucid’s original full 5-day advanced testing course, run by John Colton, our technical director who is an acknowledged world expert on advanced testing of fibre networks, and wrote the first OTDR and PMD courses in the industry 20 years ago.

The course carries two formal level 3 certificates from a UK licensed awarding body. The location is Lucid Training Centre in Garsdale, Cumbria LA10 5PE

The course is modular, starting with the “Advanced OTDR Testing” module over the first 3 days, followed by the “Advanced PMD and CD Testing” module over the last two days.

Due to corporate commitments we don’t often get the opportunity to run this as an open course, so please call or email as soon as possible if you’d like to reserve a place.

Qualified? Certified? Confused?

Recently we have seen quite a few adverts for training courses, which use various terms such as ‘certificated’, ‘approved’ and ‘recognised’. This can be rather confusing, as anybody can ‘certify’, ‘approve’ and ‘recognise’ anything they like. There is no protection for these terms so people selling dodgy products can use these descriptions as much as they like. You may as well have a piece of paper from your Mum! In the UK this has been partly addressed by the licensing of awarding bodies:
*Licensed awarding bodies*
In the UK, the government has set up the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority (QCA) as the overseer of national qualifications. The QCA then licences awarding bodies to develop and oversee qualifications and awards in partnership with industry and academia. Licensed Awarding Bodies such as City & Guilds, and Open Awards, spend a lot of time and effort not only on developing and maintaining qualifications, they also oversee that assessments for their qualifications are carried out properly, typically by sending an independent External Verifier out to visit their approved training providers, witness practical assessments and check through paperwork. Checks and inspections of approved centres vary but are at least annual.
*Training Companies*
Any company, organisation, or indeed individual can issue a certificate, but unless they are an official awarding body licensed by the QCA, or a similar national authority in another country, their certificate is not a formal qualification. This does not necessarily mean that these certificates are worthless, since the reputation of some companies can mean that the value of a company certificate is widely recognised even though it’s not an official award.
But – if it’s a qualification or certification you’re interested in, then do check the status of the awarding body, and the relevance of the ‘award’ they offer.

Jobs for off-shore cable engineers/technicians

Lucid have been asked if we can put forward details of any of our ex-trainees who have off-shore certificates and would like some contract work.

Pre-requisites are: off-shore certificate and trained/certified by Lucid Optical Services Ltd.  If you’ve not been trained and certified by us at Lucid the employer is not interested so this is strictly for our trainees.

Either phone the office or email your details to us at Lucid and we’ll send these on to the employers representative.


First Responder Assessments

Congratulations to all the Community First Responders (CFRs) from Garsdale, and two from Dent and Sedbergh, on passing their annual assessments today. The assessments, taking 30 min for each volunteer CFR, were hosted by Lucid in support of our local CFR team.

With our idyllic rural location, speed of access to emergency services is not what it could be, so it is potentially life saving to have these local CFR teams who can reach patients to administer CPR, defibrillation and oxygen before the ambulance arrives.

Merry Christmas

And a happy New Year to you from all of us at Lucid

snowmanAs usual, we are not sending Christmas cards but are donating to charities instead. This year our chosen charities are the Air Ambulance, Garsdale First Responders, the “Garsdale Red Squirrel Group” which helps preserve one of the last pockets of red squirrels left in England, and finally a new charity, “Rebuilding Nepal” – following the earthquakes, the region is still struggling with instabilities and landslides which could carry on for years.
Just post a comment with your preferred choice below or on our facebook page at www.facebook.com/LucidOptical.


News from the FIA

At the FIA (Fibre-optics Industry Association) AGM on 5th December 2015, Mike Gilmore stepped back after many years service as Technical Director of FIA – the end of an era!

Lucid’s John Colton was then elected as the new Technical Director, after 13 years as a FIA director with responsibility for training and qualifications. John is looking forward to carrying on Mike’s work representing the fibre optics industry in UK and looking after the interests of all the FIA members.

Thanks to Mike Gilmore for all his work for the FIA, and congratulations to John Colton.


Job opportunity with Lucid

We are looking for an additional trainer for Lucid, starting early 2016.  As for all our trainers, the main requirement would be plenty of real-world experience of both fibre optics and copper comms cable installation in various environments.

You would not necessarily need previous training experience; if you have the right industry experience and aptitude then we can teach you this.

If you are interested then send us an email with your details through the link on the right, or our contact page.


Flying start to 2015

Not only have we had a really busy start to 2015, but we have already received more positive feedback from trainees than most companies hope to get in a whole year! Here is a comment we received by email after the course:

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for the AOTDR course I have attended this week . John our instructor was quite brilliant on his course. It is one of the best if not the best training environment I have had instruction at. With it being done in a very relaxed atmosphere made it easier to concentrate and to follow the course content. I will be recommending Lucid to all my contacts. Also I would like to thank all the staff for their friendly approach to the trainees-again a great impression, thankyou.”

All the comments can be found on our freshly updated comments page



LaserBee 6 now available

LaserBee 6.0.0 is now available.  This version of LaserBee embodies the latest version of IEC 60825-1 released in May this year and just adopted as a British Standard BS EN 60825-1:2014.

Although the outward appearance of LaserBee is much the same, a major re-write has been required to incorporate all the requirements of the new standard. For example:

  • Users of the standard when looking up an AEL for a time which falls at a tabulation boundary are required to evaluate the AELs on either side of the boundary and choose the more restrictive.  LaserBee does this automatically.
  • When looking up a retinal MPE in the IR region users are required to check the skin MPE also to prevent damage to the anterior part of the eye. LaserBee does this automatically also.

When presenting its results, LaserBee explains its actions with reference to the published standard.

Why not request a demo version now to see it in action?

You can also buy it on-line.

City & Guilds 3667 Continues

City & Guilds Institute of London has now officially confirmed that their 3667 Communications Cabling qualification will continue beyond December 2014, when the current 5-year approval ends.

The City & Guilds 3667 qualifications in fibre optics and copper datacoms installation are recognised as the industry standard qualifications in the UK. The City & Guilds Institute are aware of this, and have reassured both Lucid and the Fibre Optics Industry Association that they are happy to continue the qualification for the foreseeable future. The qualification number may change to reflect future updates and industry developments, as when 3666 became 3667 in 2010, but the main objectives will remain the same.

Jobs for Lucid Trainees

In the last few weeks, three different corporate customers have approached us to recommend trainees. If you did your City & Guilds 3666/7 with Lucid and are interested in a splicing job please contact us for further details.

Normally, when corporate customers contact us looking for potential employees, we ask ex-trainees who are interested to send us their CV, which we will then pass on to the prospective employer.

Please note that Lucid is NOT an employment agency. This service is simply part of our support for both our ex-trainees, and the corporate customers who have previously booked training with us.

Unfortunately, if you did not choose to do your training with Lucid then we are unable to recommend you for these jobs; firstly, we cannot vouch for the quality of training you have had, and secondly, we consider this post-training support as part of the Lucid training package that our trainees have paid for.

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