Lucid Certificates in Advanced Fibre Characterisation

We have not previously issued a Lucid “Advanced Fibre Characterisation” certificate, because our trainees get two formal qualification certificates from Open Awards, but since a trainee asked us for such a combined certificate here it is. We believe others might also appreciate a combined Lucid certificate, so if you have completed the Advanced OTDR Testing course and the PMD and Chromatic Dispersion courses with us and would like the Lucid certificate as well, then let us know. Our certificates are free of charge to our trainees, just let us know your name and contact details and once we’ve verified the awards we can send you a Lucid certificate in Advanced Fibre Characterisation.

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  • Nigel Radford

    Please forward my Certification for Characterisation, I completed the Advanced OTDR testing course a few years ago

    Nigel Radford

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